Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Squirrel Gardeners Hard At Work

Here we have closeups of the bed I left off with yesterday. I find the purples here particularly captivating.

Proof of the work of squirrel gardeners: tulips from years past popping up among these bushes along the path.

This next bed caught my eye, because of the blossoming trees alongside it.


  1. Always fascinated with the amount of tulips in the park. The squirrel gardeners have doing great jobs replanting the tulips.

  2. I am looking for squirrels but couldn't see any ! Where I live now there are some cute red once we don't have the English grey squirrels.

  3. Those squirrels have us all beat, don't they?

  4. Hello,

    The squirrels gardeners are doing a great job there. The tulips and blossoms are so pretty!
    Take care, have a great day!

  5. ...they are busy little things!

  6. Squirrels are a hoot, and now you've given them a title too! The gardens are lovely, and now I know the bulbs are left on site so the little rodent gardeners can move the bulbs about.

  7. Squirrels...gotta love em, or not!

  8. I didn't realize squirrels are also gardeners, but I guess they are, looking at these pictures! :-)

  9. Hurrah for the squirrel gardeners 🌷

  10. @Agnieszka: thanks.

    @Nancy: they are busy.

    @Francisco: thanks.

    @Gattina: we have various kinds.

    @David: they do.

    @Eileen: thank you.

    @Tom: definitely.

    @Barbara: I think they watch the work in fall and do their own work after.

    @Marie: cute and devious.

    @DJan: thanks.

    @Grace: thank you.

  11. I don't comment often lately but this post is beautiful. I need to find out about squirrel gardners. The first two photos are lovely. Thank You I needed this beauty today

  12. Those squirrels are pesky little ones.

  13. Loved the orange blossom among the white and purple. Tweeted.

  14. Totally cute to see all those tulips popping up all over the place! BTW, I miss seeing you on my blog... :-)

  15. Oh, yes. Contrast and compare.

  16. @Parsnip: thanks for checking in.

    @Bill: they can be, but they're cute too.

    @Mari: thank you.

    @Annette: I hope soon that things get somewhat back to a point where I can properly read all the blogs I follow.

    @Catalyst: very much so.

  17. Lovely capture of 'colors' in nature ~ ^_^

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)