Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Mighty Chaudiere

To close out the month, I have posts from a visit to the Chaudiere Falls, taken on the same day as my last two posts. I carried on past the Holocaust Monument, and to the Falls, where the Ottawa River finds its course among several islands and channels, with the main channel a waterfall. When Champlain came up this way in 1613, he first sighted the falls for himself, but First Nations people have lived here for thousands of years.

For the better part of a century, this area was largely closed off and industrial, but the industrial side of things is being removed, aside from a hydro dam that rings around the falls and regulates its flow. This first view is from a platform downstream.

I carried on to the main viewing platform, stopping on a bridge where some of the river is channeled through. The far shore we see here is Tunney's Pasture on the Ottawa side of the river.

Here we're on the main platform, with Gatineau on the far shore. The falls drop fifteen metres in total, spilling over rocks in a swirl of raging waters. Gulls seem to have no problem down on the rocks below. 

Summer is high time for growth around the viewing platform.

But it's those falls that are the most captivating.


  1. Hello,

    Beautiful views of the river and falls. The flowers are lovely too. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Those pink flowers look like Echinachea.

  3. ...part of a giant drainage basin.

  4. One more day of the month after today. I like those flowers.

  5. Rather large and powerful stream.

  6. Those waters looks pretty rough! I love the cone flowers - one of my favorites.

  7. There is just something about rushing water! I love it.

  8. A great falls to have so near to a bigger city. Fun to watch

  9. Such power in that water. No pun intended.

  10. Your first photo is really atmospheric.

  11. @Francisco: thanks!

    @Eileen: thank you.

    @Sandi: I'll defer to you on them.

    @Tom: it is a big river.

    @Iris: definitely.

    @DJan: thank you.

    @RedPat: it is.

    @Red: indeed.

    @Susie: thanks!

    @Bill: it does.

    @Sharon: me too.

    @MB: I agree.

    @Mari: thanks.

    @Marie: I know.

    @Janey: I do too.

    @Rosemary: thanks!

  12. Good that the area is open and available.

  13. Love that first photo. The wild flowers are beautiful,so different to the ones we get here.

  14. I can see why you like the falls -- they're beautiful.