Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Artistic Stairs And Devious Rascals

Last time I mentioned that the stairs below had been put to creative use. There are two flights of stairs leading down towards the Rideau Canal, and this summer, for the second year, an artist has come in, painting on the vertical faces of the staircases to give us an artistic surprise as we come up from the Canal. This year, the design has been meant so that both staircases blend together, in a typical summer day. 

As I was taking the shot of the lower staircase, a squirrel happened to dash past, up the stairs. I decided to click to see if he'd turn up. Sure enough, the devious little rascal is right there in the water, just above the boat.

And this is taken from Plaza Bridge, giving you a sense of how the two designs look from a distance, as well as the placement and dimensions of the sitting area above. I'll show you more of the area around Plaza Bridge in time, below and above, to give you a sense of why it's so popular with wedding photographers.


  1. Oh, this looks like fun!

    (I see the squirrel....)

  2. Wow, that's amazing! Darn little squirrel. Lol.

  3. How neat! The squirrel looks like he belongs there!

  4. This pair is terrific. Summertime next to the water.

    1. Last year it was two different images, but both from nature. I hope the use of the steps continues like this next year!