Monday, February 16, 2015

Chilled Goat

Winterlude comes to an end today in Ottawa and Gatineau, though not in these pages, as there is more to come. Aside from the larger sculptures set out in the team and solo carver competitions, smaller sculptures are set around the Colonel By fountain here in the park. The first thing carvers do on the first weekend is carve a single block, with an hour's time, into a work of art. I took the shots around the fountain after the second weekend, and so some of these sculptures are from both weekends, as the carvers also add more on so that visitors on that second weekend can see them at work. I'm not quite sure why a dark fringe turned up along the way- a reaction to the cold from the camera? I had one other shot, to be held back for a theme day later in the year, that did this as well, as well as another I'll show you soon.


  1. Just looked through the last few posts and have to say there are som superb Ice sculptur's

  2. Mind you that's having good head !! (kidding).


  3. Wonderful sculpture again, it's hard to imagine how they can make these fine figures.

  4. I love the ones outside as they, like Frosty the Snowman, must contend with the elements. Although, I'm with Halcyon.... he looks a little lonely.


  5. That is a beautiful sculpture! I wonder what made dark fringe, too...but it really can be due to cold as it must be seriously freezing there!

  6. Just had a look over the last week to see all these wonderful ice sculptures. They look wonderful and judging by the weather report, there is no danger of them melting just yet.

  7. I like this one William seeing it in context of the park..

  8. So much intricate sculpting on this one William, it's beautifully done.

  9. Another amazing sculpture, William !

  10. I like the fountain now turned wedding cake.

  11. i think i keep using the word fabulous, but that's always what springs to mind!

  12. I guess ice is an easy material to work with compared to wood and other materials. they have an idea in their head and find it easy to pull it out of the ice.

  13. @Gunn: this one was my favourite of the smaller sculptures.

    @Bill: thank you!

    @Tomas: that's one way to put it!

    @Jan: with great care.

    @Halcyon: he does.

    @Janis: he could use company.

    @Tamago: I am inclined to think it was the cold.

    @Hilary: they certainly are.

    @Lauren: we're in a deep freeze at the moment!

    @Luis: thanks!

    @Geoff: it's a wonderful park to wander through in all four seasons.

    @Carolann: thank you.

    @Beth: they are impressive.

    @Grace: the sculptor can be proud.

    @Karl: I thought so.

    @Revrunner: it's quite a lovely fountain. I've featured it before.

    @Tex: it qualifies!

    @Sharon: I thought so.

    @Red: they definitely have to plan in advance.

    @Judy: thanks!

  14. Some year I'm going to have to see this for myself!

  15. The dark fringe adds an artistic touch to an already artistic find.

  16. Perfect, with the frozen fountain in background!

  17. Beautiful Ram.
    Your heading photo is outstanding.

    cheers, parsnip

  18. I like the effect!

    I'm pretty sure La Fontaine would have been read in la Nouvelle-France...

  19. Chilled Goat...I wasn't sure what to expect....

  20. I love ice sculptures. Occasionaly they do them here but it wasn't cold enough this year.

  21. Je suis toujours autant charmée par ces sculptures de glace ...

  22. @EG: you certainly should. I recommend the second weekend.

    @MB: thanks!

    @VP: I will have to photograph the fountain again in summer. I've featured it before, but it has been awhile.

    @RedPat: thanks!

    @Parsnip: it's going to stay in place until the end of March. Then I'll have a spring banner pic.

    @Ciel: it is quite likely that someone brought up in Quebec would have been familiar with him.

    @Norma: that title suddenly came to me.

    @Marleen: thanks!

    @Mo: here it's been going on for thirty years.

    @Anna: merci! They are charming.

  23. Gorgeous sculpture!
    I've gotten the dark fringe on shots a few times and never known why. The effect is nice here, but it does make one wonder what it is...

  24. Great shot! Thais another amazing sculpture especially the horns. Impressive!

  25. I love the goat! Thanks so much for sharing these, William, I am thoroughly enjoying them. Oh, and thanks, too, a million times for seeking and finding the problem as to why my post didn't publish yesterday. I do often do posts in advance but I normally schedule them, I guess in this case I had accidentally forgotten to schedule it. Thanks again, I really appreciate your kindness. :)

  26. You need real artistic skills to produce something like this. I envy them.

  27. @Kay: it certainly seems peculiar to me.

    @Cheryl: thanks!

    @Denise: the horns are definitely amazing.

    @Linda: you're quite welcome- I know I've inadvertantly clicked publish on a couple of posts before, and wondered where they were when I meant to publish them, only to find that the mistaken publishing date was where they ended up.

    @Andy: so do I.

  28. It will be a slow melt if it stays out there.

  29. A handsome carving. These would have been fun to see.

  30. Good looking goat! Hope your camera is okay.

  31. I love ice sculptures of any size, even ones for the table... :) I also think your banner is a beautiful shot.

  32. Like a powerful piece of magic meeting reality. Stunning.

  33. @Randy: they break them down.

    @Jack: it is fun each year.

    @Linda: fortunately now I have a new one. I don't use that particular camera often anymore.

    @Bibi: thanks!

    @Peter: indeed.

    @Elaine: I thought so!

    @Jennifer: it is.

    @Gemma: I agree.