Sunday, February 1, 2015

City Daily Photo Theme Day: What Would You Miss?

The first of each month is a theme day for City Daily Photo bloggers. For the first of February, the question was posed: what would you miss if you left forever the city you live in? Other interpretations of this theme can be found at this link.

I decided that this view would be what I would miss the most. The Alexandria Bridge crosses the Ottawa River between Ottawa and Gatineau, and it is this view and this bridge that does it for me. The river, the Chateau Laurier, the Rideau Canal, the Bytown Museum, and Parliament Hill are all contained in this one shot. 

Seeing this view is always coming home for me.


  1. A magical chateau!

    Argumentative veg? Provacado!

  2. Love how you say a view is like your call of home. The lights seem to be like magical candles of welcome in your snowy view.

  3. You have a good and beautiful road that takes you to your home.


  4. It is a lovely view, night or day, winter or summer. Your photo of it makes me want to visit Ottawa!

  5. I understand your choice, it looks like a great place and I am getting acquainted with it through your photos...

  6. I would miss your missing this view. It's a fantastic sight and captures the essence of the beauty that is Ottawa!

  7. It is a beautiful scene to be sure - I think this seems like a tough theme, it'd be hard to pinpoint one thing about the place you love to live that you would miss

  8. Uma bela imagem William
    Uma boa semana
    Um abraço

  9. Oh yes, I'd miss a view like that. If only I had one here!

  10. I understand your choice.
    It is very pretty!

  11. Beautiful!

    Happy birthday to my friend and partner in crime!

  12. That's a great view and photo, but I would miss my friends and history more than anything.

  13. @Cloudia: that's cute!

    @Linda: so do I.

    @EG: it certainly is.

    @Mariusz: thanks!

    @Gemma: they certainly have that effect.

    @Tomas: indeed.

    @Tamera: I'll have to photograph from this vantage point in summer. I haven't done that in awhile.

    @VP: it is a pleasure to show the city.

    @Revrunner: thanks!

    @Lowell: thank you!

    @Aimee: this one captures several at once!

  14. @Gracita: thank you.

    @Chrissy: it's all in the looking.

    @Gunn: thank you!

    @Norma: thanks for the birthday wishes!

    @Anna: it is.

    @Luis: thanks!

    @Carolann: thank you.

    @Tex: thanks!

    @Red: good point!

    @Judy: I thought so.

  15. Very nice. I just couldn't stop with one pic. Darn it!!!

  16. I can see why William, it looks wonderful under a layer of snow but I seem to remember it looks good at any time of the year.

  17. Love your choice for the theme day. Well done!

  18. I think this would have been my choice too, if I lived in Ottawa. You also get to see my favourite point of view of the Parliament Buildings - the Library.

  19. Sure I belive you would miss all of this beautiful view. And the river !

  20. I can see how you would miss that. Marvelous view.

  21. This is such a beautiful view. I can understand that you'd miss if you leave the city.

  22. I think I miss that too (in winter that is)!

  23. That is a wonderful view. I can see why you would be fond of it.

  24. I guess it's magnificent in all seasons. I like this view!

  25. A good choice! It always looks beautiful!

  26. I understand your choice, William, another great view of your beautiful city !

  27. Great view,
    all in one frame.. plus there is snow.. I guess you would miss that one also. :)

  28. I can see why. This is a classic.

  29. Gorgeous view! No question why you'd choose this and you found a nice time of day for your shot. Lovely!

  30. Certainly not surprised here... your banner 'hints' each day.

  31. @MB: many people couldn't! This has been a fun theme thus far to see what people are saying.

    @Grace: I think this time of year is my favourite, but it's such a photogenic location.

    @Valladolid: thank you!

    @Hamilton: the Library's the best part of the Parliamentary precinct.

    @Orvokki: it is quite an impressive river in so many different places along its course.

    @Randy: thank you!

    @Tamago: it's a pleasure to walk this bridge whenever I get a chance.

    @Ciel: admittedly it can get pretty cold up there high over the river in the winter.

    @Sharon: it seemed the ideal choice for the theme.

    @Marleen: thank you!

    @RedPat: as long as one ignores the politicians.

    @Karl: thank you!

    @Feyza: I would definitely miss snow!

    @Gill: thanks!

    @Stuart: thank you!

    @Kay: early in the evening is a great time to photograph from that bridge.

    @Birdman: it seemed appropriate!

  32. Fantastic place with a wonderful view.

  33. I can see why you love it! Wonderful choice for Theme Day.

  34. That is a great photo with all those famous landmarks in it and I can understand why you'd miss it.

  35. I was guessing the Rideau Canal but I see that there is so much more.

  36. @Wilf: thanks

    @Tammie: I think so.

    @Lois: thank you.

    @Pamela: it's something I'll never tire of!

    @Jack: I considered it, but this view brings in the end, or the beginning of the Canal, so it still qualifies!

  37. That's such a beautiful view of Parliament Hill... the angle and the lighting.

  38. That would be a view to be missed. It's lovely!

  39. Such a beautiful spot. Easy to understand why you'd miss it.

  40. I can understand you would miss this, it's a beaytiful sight.

  41. You certainly have a lovely scene here. Of course, I am loving the snow. If I lived there I am sure I would miss this too!

  42. I really enjoyed this theme. Interesting to see what those of us who blog from the places we live would actually miss, that one thing that as you say, mean home. It does have a Winter Wonderland feel.

  43. Great shot! I love seeing it all lit up!

  44. I can easily understand why you would miss this so much. It is amazing! Your photo is fantastic also.

  45. @Hilary: thank you!

    @Whisk: it is.

    @Denise: I've always enjoyed it.

    @Halcyon: I can't imagine not getting that view every once in awhile.

    @Jan: thanks!

    @Lauren: one can never have too much snow.

    @Jane: it's been a fun kind of theme!

    @Jennifer: thanks!

    @Pat: thank you!

  46. William, I have noted all the iconic locations (listed in your labels) and would surely love to see them one day. You have a city very rich in architecture and beauty.