Saturday, February 14, 2015

Musician Art

Art and music make their presence felt in this sculpture by a Canadian team.  The painter's brush and palette are mixed with music notes and the instrument (it looks like a double bass to me) into one sculpture.


  1. The museum of ice figures must be enormous.


  2. There's no end to the imagination with these ice sculptures William.

  3. I have a new favourite every day! This is a lovely arts still life!

  4. Very creative and another brilliant sculpture.

  5. These ice sculptures are so pretty, William !

  6. I can´t say which is my favourite. They are all pretty!

  7. A very good ice sculpture that emphasizes the right things! Happy Valentine's Day to you! For the next two weeks I'll be sunning in Mazatlán, México and blogging from there. I invite you to come visit me at

  8. Art and music in ice, a very clever bit of thinking

  9. @Whisk: thanks!

    @Tomas: they tend to be taller than people, often around eight feet in height.

    @Grace: there certainly isn't.

    @Anna: it's a pleasure to show these.

    @Ciel: thank you!

    @Denise: thanks!

    @Karl: I certainly do think so.

    @Revrunner: very cool.

    @Marleen: thanks!

    @Gill: I certainly think it is.

    @Kate: I shall check your blog out over there!

    @Geoff: it really is clever.

  10. at first glance, i saw a big, round fish with a swishy tail and a hook in its mouth. :)

  11. This one is extremely thin. Must have been extra hard to do!

  12. That is a very unique design! I love how the brush and musical instrument are mixed. Great art work!

  13. EG used the right word "artsy" seems to fit perfectly.

  14. Wow - the images are great in this one!

  15. @Tex: some of them are wide open to interpretation. I've got some solo carver sculpture shots yet to come that are like that.

    @Janis: one mistake and that would have been it.

    @Tamago: it's quite unusual.

    @EG: so did I.

    @Sharon: it does.

    @Linda: definitely!

    @RedPat: thanks!

  16. You've found a very productive source for awesome photos.

  17. Nice mix of the arts and a lovely abstract. Here we have prizes in the realistic and abstract divisions, so it gives creations like this more of a chance to shine. It's really hard to compare abstract and realistic and say which is better.

  18. William, what is the setting for the sculptures? They have curtains around them! I keep meaning to ask you!

  19. Esta escultura musical é fantástica! ô coisa linda de se ver.
    Um abraço

  20. Just spend some time, William, catching up on this week's ice sculpture posts from Winterlude. All are simply amazing and beautifully done works and it is a shame they will eventually melt down.

  21. @Red: there's been no shortage of photo ops with this!

    @MB: thanks!

    @Cheryl: thank you.

    @Shelly: I certainly think so.

    @Birdman: that's a good way to put it.

    @Elaine: we have more of a ratio favouring realistic, if one can call fantasy figures realistic, over abstract. There are competitions between these sculptures, done by teams of two, and the sculptures done by solo carvers.

    @Jennifer: they are in Confederation Park, downtown. If you happen to come in, it's still on through the holiday Monday.

    @Gracita: thank you!

    @Beatrice: they are one of my favourite things about living here. The sculptures won't last, but the photographs do!

  22. I'll be honest. I like yesterday's much more than this one.

  23. These are all so good! I love seeing all this amazing sculpture!