Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Looking Forward To The Games

For a look at people using an ice sculpture to pose for pictures, check out this post from last year that featured an example.

Each year at Winterlude, at least one large ice sculpture is erected by a team of carvers, at the request of a government ministry. This year a sculpture was erected for the Pan Am Games, which will be held in a few months in and around Toronto (side note: it is a great relief that a certain crack smoking incompetent drunkard former mayor of that city is no longer the mayor and thus will not be able to make an ass of the entire city on the international stage). This sculpture incorporates athletes and the CN Tower into it.


  1. I was seriously worried he would get elected. The Toronto political dynamic is a strange one.
    This is a nice sculpture to represent the games and the city!

  2. Oh wow! This is fabulous William, detailed and complex. Love the swimmer doing butterfly at the bottom of the sculpture. Glad your favourite :) mayor was not elected again, now if only we could get rid of our 'bully boys' government!

  3. That is some intricate ice carving, W

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  4. A must to enlarge. The detail and size is so impressive.

  5. beautiful sculpture honoring an admirable under taking, the Pan Am Games. I agree with LOLfromPasa. The photo is a must to enlarge

  6. I wonder how they are able to do these fabulous sculptures. Impressive !

  7. @Halcyon: he envisions himself coming back in 2018 and winning. He's already in campaign mode. Personally, I don't see the big schlub being alive in four years.

    @Grace: the carving team did great work with this one.

    @Cloudia: it certainly is.

    @Lauren: I certainly thought so.

    @Denton: thank you!

    @Karl: in this case, it takes several days to put it all together.

  8. I agree his personal life was taking over everything. Though pretty sad about him having cancer!!!

  9. I think this is the most impressive sculpture I saw here so far, it's great with all those details. And above that, I have learned something new, because I didn't know anything about the Pan Am Games untill today. :-)

  10. Very nice! I can easily see the CN Tower.

  11. Fun to have the Pan Am Games there and I like the rest of the post too. LOL and thank goodness.

  12. When I hear the new mayor of Toronto on the radio,I no longer wince in anticipation of what I'm going to hear.
    Jane x

  13. Today I have seen in a book the picture of Ottawa that you put
    as header, exactly the same. Is the typical image of Ottawa ..?


  14. @Gill: I remain dubious that the man's even a cancer patient.

    @EG: I certainly thought so.

    @Jan: it's not as big as the Olympics, but we've been more aware of it here for the last few years because it would be done in Toronto.

    @Sharon: it's a great detail to incorporate.

    @MB: thanks!

    @Jane and Chris: it's refreshing to know one doesn't have to roll their eyes when the words Mayor of Toronto are uttered.

    @Tex: definitely.

    @Tomas: it wouldn't surprise me that thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of photographs have been taken from that area of the Hill, so it would rate as a popular place for photography.

  15. Nice! And your side note made me laugh. Thanks for sharing, William. :)

  16. This is awesome. I know I sound like a broken record. For a minute I thought your description of a former toronto mayor was going to be applied to a disgusting Ottawa politician.

  17. Awesome! What a nice preview of things to come!

  18. Glad your funny mayor isn't around anymore, the sculpture is really a work of art!

  19. Lots to see when zooming in. Another beautiful piece!

  20. Tell us how you really feel about the former Mayor. Gone is gone!

  21. @Linda: thanks!

    @Red: Old Drunken Robbie Ford was in a league of his own for debauchery.

    @Cheryl: the games are going to be big in southern Ontario.

    @Ciel: I imagine many people will be attending.

    @VP: it certainly is.

    @Marleen: thanks!

    @Birdman: I found him a loathsome repugnancy for years, before he got elected mayor in 2010. I remember in late December 2013, walking into Toronto City Hall, and seeing him in a café off a hall, picking up a couple of things. He glared at me, I glared back at him. He looks even dumber in person than on television.

    1. Thank you! I knew there was a bit more to you and him. hehehehe

  22. That sculpture has an impressive grandeur about it ...as it should, representing a public event. Love the explosive bursts about the mayor. Great sideline.

  23. These are amazing works, how sad some of them cannot be preserved in another material

  24. So many details! Absolutely gorgeous.

  25. Fabulous photo and that is another stunning piece.

  26. It's a beautiful one.
    Yap, sure glad Ford didn't get in. My poor city! He still looks awfully sick.

  27. @Birdman: it's his fan club that are just as obnoxious.

    @Gemma: the fact that this twit ever got as far as he did is a real shame. The fact that he never learned a thing is not surprising.

    @Geoff: it is sad, but next year will see more of them.

    @Lois: tahnks!

    @Denise: thank you!

    @Jennifer: my heart can't bleed for the big lug, considering he used cancer to score political points.

  28. This one is a "Wow!" or an "ooh!" Take your pick. Really nice.

  29. It is going to be fun! Maybe a bit disruptive but fun anyway.

  30. I wonder how much time it took to make that one.

  31. Wonderful sculpture. These artists just amaze me.

    I wouldn't underestimate Ford's ability to get himself in the headlines again. I hope he is healthy and well but as I read in one of your comment replies, I share your skepticism about his really being physically ill. I hope I'm wrong about that but at the same time, I don't wish him ill health. I suspect the media miss him more than anyone. He was always such great (but hugely embarrassing) comedic fodder.

  32. There's another sculpture that I wish weren't in ice. It deserves to last a while!

  33. @Mari: indeed.

    @Whisk: I figured that!

    @RedPat: the Games went off well.

    @Jen: very much so.

    @Randy: a few days.

    @Elaine: indeed.

    @Hilary: fortunately he died and is rotting in hell, but unfortunately his jackass brother is now the premier. Hopefully cancer makes a return visit to the family and Doug can join his crackhead brother in hell.

    @Kay: unfortunately they don't.