Monday, February 2, 2015

I Believe There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Winter

This ice fall can be found in Little Italy, down in the rock cut ravine through which the O-Train runs. It's at the Carling station, a stop I know quite well, seeing as how I'm up in the area most days getting a bite to eat up at Di Rienzo's.

There's a water source behind this wall of ice, runoff water coming through the rock that you can see the rest of the year. Ice builds up over it during the winter.

This being Groundhog Day, hopefully the prognosticating rodent sees his shadow and we have sixteen (yes, sixteen) more weeks of winter. Have a look at my writer's blog today for my annual look at the day.


  1. You have Ontario ice wine in your veins, birthday bou

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. I have always loved the winter! Beautiful photo, William. I agree with your title of this post....wholeheartedly. :)

  3. Today in USA and in Canadá , as you says. is the Groundhog Day, here we don´t know anything about that.


  4. It makes me freezing !

  5. Yep, looks like it might be a pretty chilly day for the ol' dog. :-)

  6. The winters in your place are much colder then overhere. Brrr.

  7. That's quite a chunk of ice.
    Here in the Netherlands winter doesn't seem to know what it wants. Now and then we have some hail or snow, but it's not cold enough to freeze our lakes and canals.

  8. I've been singing "Your cold, cold heart" ever since I saw this! 16 more weeks! Yikes!

  9. Good morning and happy new day. I am soon to head outsides and see just how much snow, Frosty upchucked.

  10. A well known view, William ! :-)
    But 16 more weeks... hummm..

  11. The groundhog won't see his shadow here today, William. It's snowing. :) No matter what the groundhog says, I agree with you that we ought to stop complaining and enjoy what "is". I don't understand why so many people make themselves so unhappy by wishing for something that isn't going to happen. :))

  12. @Cloudia: I must!

    @Linda: spring can stay away a few more weeks.

    @Linda: thanks!

    @Halcyon: definitely.

    @Tomas: it does seem to be something that tends to be regional.

    @Anna: freezing is a good thing.

    @Revrunner: very chilly.

    @Marianne: yes, the temperatures tend to plummet here.

    @Jan: one needs nights with the temperatures dropping below -15C.

    @Lowell: that is a good song.

    @Whisk: we're getting some more this morning.

    @Luis: but winter is a good thing!

    @Karl: it would be wonderful!

    @EG: it's snowing here as well. It doesn't matter what the rodent says, we're guaranteed winter through March anyway.

  13. you can have all the ice and snow you want. i'll be begging for a cool-down here in about july...

  14. A wonderful; attitude about winter. Wishing our life away just because we don't like the weather is something I have been trying to stop doing. doesn't make me love it anymore than I ever did. My seasons are fall and spring. Have a snowy, cold, wintery good week!

  15. I think you were part of a nefarious experiment that had him gene-spliced with a polar bear.

    The groundhog probably won't even come out of his burrow!

  16. Hey, I forgot it was Groundhog Day. I find the groundhog day amusing as it's rather phoney. We don't have groundhogs here but there's always a fake groundhog popping up to tell us nothing. Enjoy your 16 more weeks of winter.

  17. I'd say you are living in the perfect place to experience a lot of winter!

  18. I never trusted a rodent anyway. I'm sure you will be enjoying many more weeks of winter.

  19. No shadow here. Lots of snow for you though. Takes some... Pleeeeeze.

  20. Sixteen more weeks? Oh no! You really do have to like winter to live there.

  21. @Jane and Chris: but winter is good for you!

    @Tex: that's true... July can be awful!

    @Terri: I firmly believe winter is the best thing for us.

    @Norma: can we blame him? It's too cold for a groundhog to come out.

    @Red: it is a goofy holiday idea.

    @Sharon: we have no shortage of winter days here.

    @Judy: the rodent just torments us anyway.

    @Birdman: I love the winter. I'm silly that way.

    @Janet: it is such a glorious season, after all.

  22. Wow, it must take a long time for that ice wall to melt.
    We are having warm winter, no snow so far. But it'll get very cold tonight...29F. Well it may be nothing for you... :-)

  23. These icy waterfalls are part of winter's magical realm :)

  24. Although the icy waterfall is pretty you can have your snow and low temps. I'll take the rain and green grass. LOL

  25. Good luck with the rodent, we already had our hen blackbird sentence!

  26. He'd see a shadow here now but not this morning!

  27. My hope for you is to have a huge amount of snow soon. It seems it is all here in the Mid West and East Coast again. Here in Tucson we have had rain but not as much snow as we should have in the mountain.
    I don't mind the snow, it is the hard freezes that are destroying my trees that I can't stand.

    cheers, parsnip

  28. We are getting a few snow flurries but nothing like your real winter, unfortunately!

  29. Did I read your post right you actually want another 16 weeks of winter????? Are you crazy....LOL

  30. From the weather reports I've seen today there should be plenty enough winter for at least the next several days. After that, the ground hogs have as good an idea as anyone or anything else.

  31. It's all simply beyond my comprehension I'm afraid - all that white stuff.

  32. Whereas, I have no use for snow and ice. I did Tweet.

  33. Hi William, I went out today and it is like a blizzard...snowing, strong winds blowing and I took a nice walk and got some groceries with my cart (on the bus, I always travel by bus). I feel energized, rejuvenated and very happy, I just love this weather. I know some people think I am crazy, but I don't care what they think, I love the winter. :) Thanks for all you share, and it makes my day to know that you love the winter as much as I do. :)

  34. Well, I'm a groundhog, this being my birthday, and here in Seattle I did NOT see my shadow... Does that count? I hope so, since I want spring to come on time if not early! :)

  35. Well, I'm a groundhog, this being my birthday, and here in Seattle I did NOT see my shadow... Does that count? I hope so, since I want spring to come on time if not early! :)

  36. That is a lot of ice! The groundhog would not have seen his shadow here this morning, but if he slept in and didn't wake up until after lunch he would have seen it. Sixteen more weeks of winter sounds like a long time!

  37. i am trying to not be down in the dumps but i am really disliking all you folks with snow. it is so not fair. i am crying. why? i know get a grip Beth ... but i really want some snow and darn you VIRGINIA you are not working with me. so so sad. you enjoy your snow. hope you have a warm coat and hat as well. ( :

  38. Wow....not something we see in London

  39. Blah, blah, blah. Rituals, best left undone.

  40. @Tamago: it does take a long while. That rock cut really doesn't get much sun.

    @Denise: they certainly are.

    @MB: I can't imagine winter without snow!

    @VP: ah, that's how it's done there!

    @RedPat: we had snow most of the day too.

    @Parsnip: we're starting to see some real totals now after a slow start.

    @Stefan: it certainly is.

    @Marleen: thanks!

    @Ciel: I can't help but love this weather.

    @Gill: slightly batty, yes.

  41. @Kay: our provincial rodent up on the Bruce Peninsula called for an early spring.

    @Bitingmidge: it's what I've grown up with.

    @Mari: thank you!

    @Linda: we have to stick together if we love winter!

    @Pat: here we're pretty much guaranteed to have winter weather through March.

    @Lois: we had a late start to winter, so...

    @Beth: in fairness, there are parts of Virginia that would be shut down for weeks with the snow we got in the last twenty four hours or so, which for us is just another snowfall.

    @Geoff: a very rare thing there!

    @Jennifer: we shouldn't blame the groundhog!

  42. I'm till waiting for my first day of snow. ow I ow where it's gone.

  43. Somehow, I didn't realize Ottawa had a little Italy!


  44. 16 weeks is a long way to go, I had a week winter in Netherlands last week and it was barely snowing and I had enough now that I am back in the Sun. But I enjoyed the cold days for a week.

  45. Did I see a story on the news about a certain groundhog that bit a politicians ear :) Don't blame him :)

  46. You are made of heartier stock than I am. One week of it would freeze me. I do like looking at it from a distance though.

  47. @Jane: we get no shortage of snow.

    @Janis: yes we do!

    @Randy: the ice there is thick each winter, but I would still not cross it.

    @Wong: we get a solid winter here.

    @Grace: hah!

    @Pat: I love it.

    @Orvokki: thanks!