Saturday, July 11, 2015

Garden Views And First Nations Art

The Delegation building stretches out beyond the atrium, featuring conference rooms, a resource library, and office space, as well as private quarters for the Aga Khan when he's in Canada. While the Aga Khan is not strictly speaking a statesman, he has extensive contacts with heads of government. This courtyard garden is another element of the design of the property; it's well cared for and quite peaceful.

Taken from a walkway above the central atrium, this gives a closeup of one of the screens hanging from above.

Close by is the only artistic display on the premises. This is a headpiece by First Nations artist Bill Reid, one of the same figures incorporated into his Spirit Of Haida Gwaii.

By the way, a quick note to those I follow on Facebook. That site seems to find it hilarious to suspend me for a month for a comment that didn`t violate their code of conduct, while letting white supremacists, bigots, and people committing slander get away with saying whatever they want. Needless to say, I'm not impressed with Zuckerberg and his precious social networking site at the moment.


  1. It looks very peaceful and beautiful courtyard.
    Shrubs set in a special way, nice.

  2. Your post today is very green. Can't get enough of that color in the plants and trees because I know how all that will change in just a few short months!!

  3. The Delegation building is very modern inside and as you say brilliant for shape and shadow shots. The gardens are equally organised. The sculpture is amazing, wonder what it's made of?

  4. That headpiece is something else. The image will stick with me all day!


  5. Nicely contoured hedges too. I've done this work myself. Gotta be on your toes to do it right.

  6. @Orvokki: it certainly was serene!

    @Blogoratti: very much so!

    @Linda: yes.

    @Marianne: the gardeners do great work.

    @Kate: yes, the colours will come to these hedges too.

    @Grace: I should have looked at the panel, but I imagine it might be jade.

    @Janis: me too!

    @Tex: thanks!

    @Birdman: you certainly do!

    @Red: it definitely is.

  7. That is a very well manicured garden. If only mine were that neat.

  8. Lovely gardens and an impressive sculpture. You are quite right about FB...

  9. Fabulous to go with the great building!

  10. Suspended again...I hope Facebook doesn't have a three strikes and you're out policy!

  11. What? Again? I don't believe it.

    The garden is great and thanks for showing me some more Bill Reid!

  12. I really like Bill Reid's work. Is the sculpture made of malachite?

  13. Oh, I just saw your comment that you think it's made of jade. Sounds right to me, but what do I know. ;))

  14. What a cool place. And I love the sculpture. Re Facebook: It's best to turn your back to Facebook.

  15. @Sharon: it certainly is!

    @Judy: I know I'd end up killing any plants I'd garden!

    @VP: it was a great place to visit.

    @RedPat: indeed!

    @Norma: if Zuckerberg were on life support right about now, I'd unplug him and charge a phone.

    @Ciel: you're most welcome! I might end up writing a blog about it over in my writer's blog... perhaps for a week from today. My next two blogs there are already written, but if I do, I'll make note of it here.

    @EG: I also wonder if jade would be way too expensive- even small pieces are pricy, and this was big.

    @Lowell: I am considering it!

  16. We can get suspended from Facebook? I suppose I had better watch my P's and Q's but as I am only a rare visitor, I don't suppose it matters much. Enjoyed your post, the green sculpture is superb.

  17. Looks great. Not sure I understand the bit about the Aga Khan. And do drop me an email to let me know what you said to upset the PC brigade. Free speech is getting crushed.

  18. I have heard of other folks getting blocked lately on fb for very odd reasons. I hope you get it resolved soon. We miss you in fb land.

  19. Exceptional sculpture! Facebook does strange things; no doubt someone reported you for something ... I wouldn't worry about it too much.

  20. FB's loss! We'll enjoy you here, dear buddy!


  21. Beautiful spot.
    Facebook? Life's too short to take it seriously...and to spend much time there...

  22. The hedges are very nice. Your too good there. We like you here.

  23. @Denise: this has been the third time this year, and of course Facebook never responds or allows any avenue of appeal.

    @Mike: I will be in touch this evening.

    @Joan: it bothers me that I can't even post links for my posts there. It's one thing to be turfed out of, say, a media's comments, but to be out a month, sufficed to say there's no way to catch up after that long.

    @Geoff: so do I.

    @Linda: from the comment in question, it was one of two people, both of whom are reprehensible trolls and hyperpartisan twits who spend most of their online time shilling for the current federal government. I'll be blogging about it at my writer's page on the weekend.

    @Cloudia: thank you!

    @Kay: that's true.

    @Randy: it certainly is.

    @Jan: rather like water.

    @Carolann: thank you!

  24. That last one is scary and cool looking.