Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Infinity Plus One

"Tag! You're it! No touch-backs, infinity plus one!" ~ Wally Knickerbocker, village idiot, 1961

Watch. One of these days Wally Knickerbocker will find this blog and yell, "Hey! I don't live in a village!"

This sculpture can be found in an office tower in downtown Ottawa. It's quite tall, and doesn't seem to have a beginning or an end (or a sign identifying the artist, for that matter). It reminds me of the concept of infinity.


  1. I like it! I imagine you could study it for quite a while!

  2. Really lovely sculpture. I like it. There are very nice moving, no start and no end... interesting.

  3. Something of that scale is no small accomplishment. It's very nice.

  4. I can certainly see how it would. And I'm sure Wally won't mind :)

  5. Very neat! Too bad there wasn't any information about the artist.

  6. It looks unique. It has been done very good...

  7. That is an amazing twist! Have a great day!

  8. Reminds me of the way my fishing line often looked after a day on the river. :-)

  9. I was thinking of a ball of wool when I have a knot in it and you can't seem to find an end. Very neat and something to make you think.

  10. Ok, I'm thinking roller coaster when I see this... they could call it the 'silver streak'.

  11. Love the thought behind this art!


  12. @Linda: when I pass through this complex, I always stop by this one for a moment.

    @Orvokki: it's quite modern, but unlike other modern art, I do find it to be quite artistic.

    @Kay: it is quite tall. It dominates that part of the passageway.

    @Debs: now I'll have to google the name. For all I know, there's a well known Wally Knickerbocker.

    @VP: it does have that effect.

    @Halcyon: unless I've overlooked it somehow, like it's hidden behind a plant, I've never seen any identification of it.

    @Weekend Windup: it certainly has.

    @Nancy: thanks!

    @Revrunner: I can see that too.

    @Gill: that certainly applies as well.

    @Birdman: and there's an argument to be said for roller coaster as well.

    @Janis: the artist was very creative with it.

    @Sharon: I think so too.

  13. Oh I love the sculpture! Very elegant looking, and infinity is the perfect word for it!

  14. is it some kind of Möbius Strip?

  15. Well, it's meant to remind us of something and infinity is as good as anything.

  16. These things sometimes scare me...

  17. that is one big bent paperclip! :)

  18. Great piece of art, it's nice to follow the line.

  19. I'm not much for modern art. It's kind of interesting but not something I'd linger around.

  20. @Tamago: thanks!

    @Gerald: I considered titling this post Mobius Strip!

    @RedPat: thank you!

    @Red: true.

    @Denise: it's eye catching, which I can't say for a lot of modern art.

    @Ciel: that's an odd thing to have a phobia of!

    @Tex: another good way of looking at it.

    @Linda: thanks!

    @Marleen: it is.

    @Whisk: thanks!

    @Norma: I thought so.

    @Cloudia: thank you!

    @Jan: it certainly is.

    @Cheryl: I find modern art to be hit and miss. Sometimes I see art, other times I just don't.

  21. Well described William, a little like spaghetti gone mad..

  22. I'm going to be the killjoy. It reminds me of twisted metal. Yes, that make me someone that doesn't appreciate that type of art. I'm not even sure why it is called art.

  23. Interesting art. Not hard to do this. If you have a twisted mind. Then this is the result.

  24. We did not touchbacks yesterday. Of course, I'm gramma, I have to give in!

  25. The slow curl of shape bending back on itself and around does seem to suggest a symbol of infinity. An interesting one.

  26. @Geoff: I do like it.

    @Mari: I can see that.

    @Randy: indeed.

    @Siddartha: definitely.

    @Carolann: that's true.

    @Jennifer: hah!

    @Gemma: it's a good one.