Saturday, September 19, 2015

Interior Views

Two items before getting started. Two years ago today I started this blog; time to get geared up for Year Three. And it is going to be a long night here in Ottawa and Gatineau- the annual art event Nuit Blanche starts in the early evening and goes long into the night, so I'm going to be busy.

Now then, carrying on with our look at Rideau Hall. Moving beyond yesterday's brightly coloured Tent Room was this pleasant space. The rug and furnishings appealed to me. The model of Rideau Hall is on the cabinet in the center of the room, and can be broken up into pieces by a guide as a good way to show how the original home by Thomas McKay has been greatly expanded over the years.

I really liked this sitting room which was just off the central room.

They even let disreputable rogues into the place.

This doorway leads out into the room beyond, which I'll show you tomorrow.


  1. I love your first photo the best, William! What a warm and welcoming ambiance!

  2. Hello William, I can see you .. :)
    Lovely rooms here. I like the rosa color and all ....

  3. There is no doubt that my namesake had a good mansion.


  4. Happy blog-versary! I enjoy your photos and look forward to seeing more and more :-)
    The space is beautiful. I love the rug and beautiful wall colors under dim light. Very different from the tent room!

  5. These rooms look far more pleasent than yesterdays.

  6. Coming out of the colorful tentroom this is very nice and quiet.
    Did yoy see someone in another room was making a photo of yoy ...? ;-)

  7. Congrats on the two years anniversary William, gosh that time has flown by, I remember when you started it. Love the interior of Rideau Hall, beautiful rich warm colours, very inviting.

  8. happy anniversary! time sure flies!

  9. 2 years? I'm up to 1 1/2, so right behind you. I do like the restfulness of this room. The rug is wonderful, and those archways!

  10. It impresses me that these places have been so well looked after. Somebody has cared about our history. We better get Harperman out of here or places like this will be closed and sold off to his friends.

  11. @Linda: thank you!

    @Orvokki: I saw the mirror, and couldn't resist!

    @Tomas: and this space was the heart of the original mansion McKay built- of course greatly expanded after the Governor Generals started moving in.

    @Tamago: it's such a strong contrast to where we were!

    @Marianne: warmer, I think, particularly the sitting room.

    @Revrunner: me too!

    @Jan: yes, quite a scoundrel he was, dressed just like me! :)

    @Janis: me too!

    @Grace: it certainly is!

    @Hilary: it really does!

    @Linda: the rug did catch my eye!

    @Red: Harper would see himself crowned as Emperor. At this point, the man totally disgusts me.

  12. Congratulations on the 2 year anniversary.
    I love those elegant rooms.

  13. Hi William, happy 2 years anniversary to you! I am only 10 months into blogging. Long way to go, but I am enjoying it.

  14. Congrats on the 2 years! I really like the moldings they have used in those rooms.
    We are only 1 week behind England with the Coronation Street episodes - we caught up when we had it 5 times/week and they only had it 3-4 times/week.

  15. I see that that Canadian spy offices (CSO?) have really blown this one. My god, the disreputable rogue is in plain sight. Where are the Mounties? The coppers? The insufferable police memn and women. Something is seriously out of whack!

  16. Very nice inside, I love those rose colored walls. The rogue doesn't look so bad ;)

  17. Happy anniversary and thanks for introducing is to your beautiful city!

  18. I so enjoy art events
    wishing you a wonderful time.

  19. That looks like a really cosy room William, I like the desk next to the books..perfect..

  20. @Whisk: thanks!

    @Sharon: I did too.

    @Norma: thank you!

    @Tex: it has been awhile!

    @Nancy: I am too. I've learned a lot along the way.

    @RedPat: the attention to detail in here is beautiful. I hadn't known that!

    @Lowell: hah! I wonder if they noticed me when I photographed 24 Sussex, not that there's a lot to photograph, what with the treeline hiding everything.

    @Denise: thank you!

    @VP: you're welcome.

    @Tammie: it's going to be a busy night... I hope to get good shots in, but won't be posting any of them until October. Aside from a museum visit and a handful of other shots, I've barely taken pictures in the last month.

    @Geoff: A good place to sit with books to read, I'm happy.

  21. Enjoy your long night out, William! Take tons of photos!

  22. i wonder what kind of books are on that shelf. i love books. ( :

  23. Congrats on your blogaversary!
    I love the colors in these rooms. What a gorgeous place!

  24. I love those arched doorways! Congrats on your anniversary!

  25. I love exploring places like this. Thanks for bringing us along. And happy two years of blogging. Wishing you many, many more.

  26. Glad you're 'covering' Nuit Blanche! I'm interested, but simply cannot attend!

  27. @EG: I got lots of shots in, to the point where my camera said, "okay, that's enough!"

    @Beth: I do too!

    @Kay: it definitely is that.

    @Mari: thank you!

    @Hilary: I'm just surprised it took me this long to come out and tour the place.

    @Jennifer: it was a fun evening. I got home past three thirty in the morning, walking like a zombie!