Monday, September 14, 2015

Two Embassies

Across the street from the old schoolhouse I showed you yesterday, with a commanding view of the Ottawa River below, is the French embassy. It serves both as consular offices and residence of the ambassador. 

It is an Art Deco design dating back to 1936, and sits on land on the east side of  the park that I photographed from in my post two days ago.

A short walk east on Sussex Drive is the High Commission for South Africa. It dates back to 1841 when it was built for a banker. It's been in South African hands since the 1940s.

Around the corner is another entrance to the High Commission. Tomorrow I'll start showing you what I came down here to see: Rideau Hall.


  1. Very nice buildings, they give the impression of seriousness.


  2. One imagines living in that style.....


  3. Great buildings, with a lot of green around them...

  4. I'm developing a real appreciation for the Art Deco style.

  5. Love the stonework. Is it Canadian? granite?
    Also, love the squareness of the French embassy. Looks like an efficient use of space.


  6. You have some real nice houses there and all with lots of spaces around.

  7. beautiful buildings...i love the stonework!

  8. Love the look of the French Embassy naturellement :)

  9. Beautiful stone buildings. Very regal looking.

  10. It seems most embassies are located in beautiful buildings in green surroundings.

  11. In would be happy in any one of these :).

  12. There are some pretty posh places when it comes to embassies. No expense is spared.

  13. Beautiful architecture with a lot of spaces around.

  14. @Orvokki: indeed!

    @Tomas: they certainly do.

    @Cloudia: yes, it's quite a lot of space to live in, though a lot of the diplomatic work takes place here too.

    @VP: lots of green!

    @Revrunner: there's not a lot of Art Deco here, so when one finds a good example like this one, it's well worthwhile to see.

    @Janis: it's my understanding that the French embassy incorporates granite from here, as well as material imported from France as well. The South African High Commission, with its origins being older, would be local stone.

    @Marianne: it's a beautiful neighbourhood!

    @Halcyon: indeed!

    @Tanya: me too.

  15. That's quite a portico seen in your first shot. At least it looks like one.

  16. @Grace: the French embassy regularly takes part in Doors Open. Not every year, but on a regular basis. I'll have to pay a visit next time. The High Commission has done it recently for the first time too. I hope they do it again.

    @EG: it's a great neighbourhood. I imagine housing prices are through the roof.

    @Nancy: they certainly are.

    @Jan: a lot of them. Some are in office buildings while the ambassadors have a personal residence. That's the case with the Dutch- the embassy is in an office tower while the ambassador has an official home somewhere.

    @Janey: me too!

    @Red: and then some embassies are in quieter surroundings.

    @Sharon: there are a number of them, yes. The American ambassador has an official residence somewhere in this area as well.

    @Karl: I think so too!

  17. I LOVE Art Deco--acrhitecture, jewelry, anything!

  18. love your header fall shot. very cool. guess that means fall colors have arrived in your neck of the woods. we have cool temps. windows are open & so enjoying that!! happy week for ya! ( :

  19. That French Embassy is so unusual! You'll have to try for the next Doors Open, William.

  20. Soon to be covered in snow, snow and MORE snow.


  21. I like that French embassy. It's as old as I am. And still looking good. Oops. Darn, I just saw myself in the mirror!

  22. The French Embassy is great, William! It looks vintage and regal! :)

  23. @Birdman: I think that's the term!

    @Norma: the style stands out so well.

    @Beth: thank you!

    @RedPat: I hope they're participating next year. It's tended to be every other year, as I recall.

    @Whisk: I'm looking forward to the snow!

    @Lowell: if it's any consolation, it was started in 1936, but finished construction a couple of years or so later, so it's even younger!

    @Linda: it certainly does!

  24. I have always enjoyed looking at the different embassies in the city, particularly identifying them by the flag flying outside. Great photos :)

  25. The french Embassy looks so modern - as if it was just built!

  26. I haven't seen buildings that old since I left Iowa. Washington doesn't have them and I haven't been to the parts of California where one or two may stand. Most of those are missions or adobe homes. Californian's tear most of their old buildings down and go modern. A shame.

  27. Interesting! Is this an 'embassy row' of sorts? I wonder what the workload for the French Ambassador to Canada is like. Probably lots of soirees!

  28. You take us on wonderful tours! I didn't know where these were!

  29. These are beautiful buildings but it's a little sad to see them surrounded by imposing fences. Nonetheless, it's quite a gorgeous neighborhood!

  30. I do like the DOOR in the last image.
    Very pretty.

  31. i really enjoy the fencing. very cool. fancy. ( :

  32. @Denise: every once in awhile I come across one that I haven't previously seen.

    @Hamilton: it has quite a modern design.

    @Mari: these ones will be protected.

    @Lois: I certainly think so.

    @SRQ: there are a number of embassies in that neighbourhood, and more even closer to the downtown core.

    @Jennifer: these are good ones.

    @Kay: it becomes a matter of security. I'd love to get into either of them, but that might never happen.

    @Gunn: I do too.

    @Beth: it is!