Monday, September 21, 2015

Taking Leave

For a different look at the Hall, check out this video by Canadian comedian Rick Mercer, paying a visit some years ago and getting a personal tour of the official residence with the current Governor General David Johnston. Denise asked a question about tennis balls breaking windows in the Tent Room the other day- this clip has a different spin on that.

Looking at this, you wouldn't expect that off to the right, Rideau Hall stands. This ravine is on the east side of the property. It's quite a drop down to the bottom from here.

One last look back at Rideau Hall as we head down the main driveway.

I mentioned in an earlier post about dignitaries doing ceremonial tree plantings. Their plaques can be found by the tree, such as in the case of this one, identifying President Truman as having planted a sugar maple here. Obviously from the size of the tree, this must be a shoot of the original tree, given new life.

This totem pole is on the grounds, dating back to 1946. It was carved for the Governor General of the time, Viscount Alexander, by a First Nations artist.

The inukshuk is nearby, dating back to a more recent Governor General, Romeo LeBlanc, in 1997.

A gatehouse can be found here.

And in summer when I took these shots, the Ceremonial Guard is on hand manning the gates. I hope you have enjoyed this look at Rideau Hall.


  1. Lovely photos, the totems are nice, both the old-type and the modern.
    Have a happy monday.

  2. The last look at Rideau Hall is very romantic. Yes, I have enjoyed this. Thanks you,William.


  3. Great photos, thanks for the tour.

  4. I have indeed William and I enjoyed Rick Mercer at Rideau Hall very much :)

  5. I didn't realize that Rideau Hall was such huge building on a sprawling piece of property. Now I know that the whole thing is huge.

  6. @Orvokki: thank you!

    @Tomas: you're welcome.

    @Blogoratti: you're welcome.

    @Marianne: so do I.

    @Revrunner: they don't make them like Truman anymore!

    @Jane and Chris: he'd be a good one!

    @Tanya: they certainly stand out.

    @Grace: I figured it was a good idea to add the clip, and it is a funny one!

    @Norma: thank you!

    @Red: it really is a big place.

  7. The totem pole is my favorite!

  8. Very nice...and I especially love the totem pole!

  9. I've enjoyed the tour a lot, William!

  10. I have never been to Rideau Hall so I thank you for taking me there. :)

  11. @VP: it's a good example of one- the artist did beautiful work.

    @Linda: as do others!

    @RedPat: thank you!

    @EG: you're welcome.

    @Nefertiti: merci! And I like the name change!

  12. I loved your photos and the video. And ice-hockey instead of tennis in that beautiful room? Never thought of that one but it made me laugh when they ran out of there after breaking the vase. Thanks William, that was a lot of fun.

  13. Nice shots of the surroundings of Rideau Hall again, I specially like the totem pole and the inukshuk

  14. Very interesting tour William, great to have a ravine in the garden...

  15. @Whisk: I thought so too!

    @Denise: it must have been a set-up... one can just imagine an actual vase of value smashing on the floor!

    @Tex: me too.

    @Jan: they're very distinctive. I should return here for fall colours.

    @Geoff: I've heard there's a sugar bush on the property for syrup... I wonder if the ravine is the sugar bush.

  16. It looked like a steep drop. Great tour!

  17. love the totem pole ... those always so cool. the hubby & i were trying to figure out what what they mean? history? guess i need to goggle it. ( :

  18. I love the totem pole and the inukshuk. Had to look that up though ... we don't have them in Virginia.

  19. I've loved this tour! It's an amazing place. Thank you!

  20. Simply beautiful photos of the interior and grounds of Rideau Hall. Wonderful tour!

  21. I like the totem pole and the whole tour.

  22. @Mari: it's quite a place.

    @Beth: it's culture.

    @Jennifer: I enjoy getting around.

    @Linda: definitely not.

    @Kay: you're welcome.

    @Genie: thanks!

    @Karl: thank you!