Wednesday, September 9, 2015

National War Memorial

At various points over the summer, I've taken shots at the National War Memorial. This place at the heart of the city, with Parliament Hill and the Chateau Laurier as backdrops, is hallowed ground, particularly after the events of last October.

Sentries from various military services spend an hour here on duty before being relieved. This pair are from the Navy.

The Memorial is inscribed with dates. It was dedicated in May 1939 by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, commemorating the dead of the First World War. The dates of World War II and the Korean War were added later. Dates for the Boer War, or South African War, of 1899-1902 and the recent Afghan War have also been added, installed last year.

The Memorial grounds are ringed with flower beds.

Here we have a view of the next shift of sentries coming up. Tomorrow I'll show you the ceremony of relieving the sentries, shots taken on another day.


  1. It is a really big monument. It holds many years, but hopefully no more.
    It looks beautiful.

  2. It is very well all you show us, William.


  3. Somehow, Canada 'does' war memorials that are invariably both beautiful and moving. Incidentally - I like the new header picture.

  4. So much history! Great assortment of photos and commentary.


  5. A place of reflection and gratitude.
    Jane x

  6. Very poignant. Beautiful photos.

  7. Tell me, I haven't been downtown in months, are the huts for the sentries new?

  8. it's a beautiful memorial...i bet the ceremony is moving.

  9. An old-fashioned but impressive monument!

  10. Beautiful photos of this moving monument, William !

  11. love the blooms. i enjoy the design or archiecture of the monument. ( :

  12. This really is one of the best memorials I've seen William, the sculpture which you've shown us before is brilliant! Super composition with the château in the background.

  13. @Halcyon: I've always thought so.

    @Orvokki: hopefully, but with the war mongering coward of a PM we've got, he'd love to get us into lots of wars. Preferably he'll be gone in a month and a few days.

    @Tomas: thank you!

    @Mike: the man who designed this and oversaw most of the work did an outstanding job.

    @Jan: thank you!

    @Janis: thanks!

    @Hilary: so do I.

    @Jane and Chris: it certainly is.

  14. @Linda: thanks.

    @Jennifer: yes, they're from this year. They can be removed, and often are set off to the side of the terrace. They're meant as a shelter spot in rain, or on a particularly hot day.

    @Tanya: it certainly is. I've watched it a number of times, and it always seems to draw people to stop and watch.

    @VP: seventy six years later and it stands out proudly.

    @Karl: thank you!

    @Beth: the blooms are such a good touch to the monument.

    @Grace: I enjoy taking shots of the memorial... it's such an integral part of the city and the country.

  15. It really is a beautiful memorial. Well worth photographing many times.

  16. Very impressive and quite beautiful. Those poor Navy guys...Talk about a boring job! Or maybe they get a few laughs from looking at the people watching them?

  17. A place of honour and appreciation. Love the beautiful blooms!

  18. That is a fabulous memorial, William. And the representation is of so many!

  19. It's beautiful and I would have been very surprised if it hadn't been surrounded by flowers!

  20. A place of thankfulness and your flower take. Beautiful William.

    Loving my new place William.

    Having fun so far with the newness of things.. I was able to get wireless and wi-fi as not knowing what it is. It is on my monitor saying. It said. Code at back so I guess I have to load it up later. Later if you email me. To explain would be appreciated when you get time.

  21. This is, perhaps, the most magnificent war memorial - as befits a capital city.

  22. Flowers surrounding guns and cannons... flower power lives?

  23. @Sharon: it certainly is!

    @Lowell: no, they're generally not moving during a stint there, though occasionally they do. It's just an hour, and then they're off. Servicemen and women might do this here for a week or so, and then rotate back to their usual unit.

    @Norma: it certainly is.

    @Nancy: thank you!

    @RedPat: it definitely is.

    @Linda: it's quite an accomplishment as a monument.

    @Ciel: the flowers are very appropriate.

    @Carolann: I'd need a bit of time to talk you through that... I'm usually more able to just muddle through and figure things out on my own.

    @Audrey: merci! I think so too.

    @Hamilton: it's one of my favourite parts of the city.

    @Marleen: it certainly is!

    @Birdman: a good way of looking at it!

  24. Wonderful monument, it's so important to remember...

  25. It is beautiful. The sentries remind remind me of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC.

  26. I notice the "2001-2014" dates. I fear the U.S. will never have an end on that one.

  27. You do this sacred place justice with your photos. It is a truly splendid memorial and a fitting tribute to those who have been lost. I will always remember them and I echo Cloudia's sentiments, RIP Cpl. Nathan Cirillo.

  28. A stunning sacred space so beautifully maintained. Love the energy in the sculptured figures that feature in your first several photos.

  29. My dad was in world war two.

  30. @Geoff: it is.

    @Mari: definitely.

    @Lois: it's a similar concept.

    @Kay: apparently we're through with the Afghan war.

    @Cloudia: the plaque in his memory is placed at just the right spot.

    @Denise: thank you.

    @Gemma: the artist who designed the memorial did beautifully.

    @Carolann: my parents were children during it.

    @Whisk: wow indeed.