Thursday, September 17, 2015

Water Works

Once an hour, the Ceremonial Guard sentries are relieved at their posts here at Rideau Hall, both at the entrance and the main gate. The ceremony is not that different from the relieving of sentries done at the War Memorial. Here we have a group headed down the drive to the gate with the new guard among them.

The bagpiper returns with the relieved sentries.

At the front of the mansion is this fountain, erected in honour of the late Terry Fox. I'll have a post on him later in the month.

I finish with my favourite shot of the exterior. Tomorrow we'll start taking a look inside.


  1. Beautiful building, amazing fountain!

  2. Lovely to see a little bitr of tradition still hovering round the 21st century. It creates a little bit of colourful romance. A grand looking building in the last photo.

  3. The fountain is beautiful! And the last photo is goregeous - such good looking building :-)

  4. I think I'll try to do the fountain pics on Photo Lab....

  5. i love those snazzy outfits. love the red. way cool. ( :

  6. It's a beautiful fountain and I like the photos with the bagpiper.

  7. Bagpipes and fountains....some great shots, William.

  8. Alway nice to see the change of a guard.
    That's quite an impressive fountain.

  9. @VP: thanks!

    @Gemma: I photographed the front of the place several times while waiting for my tour time, and this one really stood out as my favourite.

    @Marianne: it certainly is. It impressed me.

    @Revrunner: it is a fitting tribute to him.

    @Tamago: the Hall looks well cared for.

    @Hilary: thanks!

    @Norma: feel free!

    @Beth: the red serge does stand out!

    @Karl: thanks!

    @Tex: I think so too.

    @Linda: thank you!

    @Jan: they designed that fountain well.

    @Linda: that appears to be the consensus!

  10. That looks like a very British ceremony!

  11. Grand building with beautiful fountains.

  12. Awesome fountain. I really like the shape of this one. I will be inteersted in seeing the inside.

  13. I didn't know they had a fountain honouring Terry Fox. No statue of him though?

  14. Great photos, especially loved those bright red uniforms.

  15. Fine looking building William and a very nice fountain. I must find out how often the sentries ar Buckingham palace are changed, I doubt it's every hour..

  16. @Sharon: a lot of the influences from the British have carried over.

    @Nancy: thank you, I thought so too!

    @Red: it was a delight to see the inside, and to photograph!

    @RedPat: just the fountain here, but the statue downtown is one I haven't photographed in a long while.

    @Denise: thank you!

    @Janey: it certainly is.

    @Geoff: it might well depend on the weather. These are only here during July and August, but the sentries at the War Memorial are on from April to November, and might switch off every half hour if the weather is bad.

  17. They do remind me of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Looking forward to seeing inside!

  18. Good Pomp and Circumstance with that piper and all.

  19. It's always neat to see all these pictures.

  20. I love that fountain!
    It looks like job opportunities for bag pipers are more numerous in Canada than anywhere I've been in the U.S.

  21. Rideaux Hall is an imposing but at the same time attractive building William, going up now to look at the interior :)

  22. We visited Fort Wellington yesterday. A teeny little fort. I'm posting about it later!

  23. @Lois: it is a good tradition.

    @Birdman: definitely.

    @Whisk: I think so!

    @Kay: we've got a lot of pipers.

    @Grace: thanks!

    @Jennifer: that I've not been to.

    @Shelly: so did I. They've been reconfigured since I've taken these shots.