Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lair Of A Dark Lord

Across the street from Rideau Hall is 24 Sussex Drive, the home of the Prime Minister (at present, otherwise known as the Dark Lord, Darth Harper). Unlike the White House, which can be photographed easily, the manor is hidden away behind trees and hedges, offering mere glimpses. Its gatehouse is the only building one really gets a look at from the street. The Dark Lord wasn't at home- if he had been, I wonder if my passing by might have given him reason to pause and remark, "I feel a great disturbance in the Force." 

On a side note, a few days back looking at stats for my writer's blog, I came across a strange search term for someone finding my blog. A former key adviser to the Dark Lord- a sleazeball lawyer who's been in trouble repeatedly through his career by the name of Bruce Carson- is currently standing trial on influence peddling. The search term someone used to find my blog? Bruce Carson Porno. Yuck!

Back across the street, this home is known by its address too: 7 Rideau Gate, an official residence owned by the Canadian government, and used for visiting dignitaries.

It stands next to the South African High Commission, which I showed you some days ago. The traffic circle that stands between Rideau Hall, these two homes, and 24 Sussex is one of a handful in the city.


  1. You have a lot of beautiful houses for diplomats, official residences or offices.
    It's nice to look your street liife.

  2. If Trump gets elected, he'll have a friend in Mr. Harper.

  3. Grt your laser saber with you...

  4. Of all the grand buildings, I like the Canadian home best, it looks so homely.

  5. It is nice to tour around in your place along all the beautiful buildings.

  6. May you someday have a chance to meet the Dark Lord and get behind the fence.


  7. I can tell you have a special affinity for your prime minister. :-)

  8. For a change I liked your text better than the photos, William. I specially had to laugh about this phrase: "I feel a great disturbance in the Force." :-)

  9. So that's where Darth Vader lives!

    I hope you had a lightsaber with you....

  10. The white House is basically alone on a large lawn. Sussex is the opposite where it is almost hidden. Well, you didn't get a photo of Sussex but you got some shots of landscaping. I hope you disturb the Dark Laird's election activities.

  11. @Cloudia: I'd have to!

    @Orvokki: the South African High Commission I'd love to see- it has been part of Doors Open before, so I'll have to hope that it does again.

    @Halcyon: I can't believe that American voters would be that foolish to elect that despicable excuse for a human being. Of course, Dubya got in twice. At any rate, if all goes as expected, Stephen Harper will be retiring on the 20th of October.

    @VP: always a handy thing to have around Dark Lords!

    @Nancy: it's one that I would like to see as well. Hopefully at some point it turns up in a Doors Open event.

    @Marianne: thank you!

    @Janis: I expect I would be persona non grata at a Harper get together!

    @Revrunner: affinity in this case being defined as contempt!

    @Jan: there's an editorial cartoonist up here named Michael DeAdder who often draws Harper as Darth Vader.

    @Hilary: I'll need a light sabre, a couple of droids, and a cranky Wookie.

    @Norma: he must keep the Eye Of Sauron in his office in Langevin Block.

    @Red: Well, he's certainly not having a good election thus far!

  12. Looks like a fine place indeed. Greetings!

  13. This must be a very exclusive neighborhood.

  14. Sharon beat me to it :) very 'influential' neighbourhood!

  15. Interesting shots but more interesting commentary.

  16. Hahaha, I'm sure Dark Lord would have felt a disturbance in the Force :-)
    That looks beautiful area where you can stroll around and enjoy bike ride!

  17. How could a search for Carson come up with you??

  18. The disturbance in the force got a laugh out of me. LOL! :)

  19. i know you were sending all sorts of 'forceful' thoughts his way. :)

  20. @Blogoratti: it's a great area.

    @Sharon: it is!

    @Grace: influential indeed.

    @MB: I'm sure the Dark Lord would disagree!

    @Tamago: it's a beautiful area. I'll have to come up here again when the fall colours are at their peak.

    @RedPat: that baffles me. I know over in the writer's blog I make fun of the Dark Lord from time to time, but I've never so much as mentioned that old toad here or there until now!

    @Linda: it doesn't quite seem right... I'd be much more inclined to be the irreverent smuggler than a Jedi!

    @Tex: forceful thoughts full of bad words that the Sisters of Little or No Mercy wouldn't like.

    @Eve: it won't be that way for long, what with fall in the air.

  21. i enjoy all the architecture & fencing you keep sharing lately. ( :

  22. Replies
    1. Weird, me of all people being on the light side of the force. :)

  23. Good thing you live in a country where you are free to express your opinion! (Unlike FB?)

  24. I wish you could have taken a photo of the Prime Minister's residence! I don't think I have ever seen it.

  25. Now that you've put the search word in this post, will you get more hits from it?