Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Shop Fit For Our Feline Overlords

I thought of using this shop for the December theme day, but decided I'd wait a bit to see if they'd have some Christmas themed material in the window. Sure enough, they did. Cats R Us is in the Glebe neighbourhood, catering to those who accept the undeniable fact that cats are the ultimate life form on the planet. The place has cat food, toys, and accessories, and items that are just right for those who love taking orders from felines.


  1. A curious shop, of course.


  2. Oh that's a new one! I do like the fellow in the third picture on a t shirt. With the top hat, glasses and candle it's a very Dickensian scene...

  3. I have had cats almost all my life and like to by toys and food for them.

  4. 3rd picture is my favourite. Happy weekend!

  5. @Cloudia: Pixie would love this shop!

    @Tomas: very curious!

    @Geoff: that is Grumpy Cat doing her best Ebenezer Scrooge.

    @Marianne: it is fun to spoil them.

    @Nancy: thank you!

  6. Romeo and I both approve! :) :)

  7. I knew Grumpy Cat would be there somewhere. I used to have a clock like the ones in the window. They've been around forever!

  8. You've got to love cats! That's a very original type of shop. No franchise stuff there.

  9. c est une boutique que j adorerais ;o)

  10. How cool is that? And that last shot is just great. Reminds me of my cats!

  11. I know some people who would like this place.

  12. Ought to rename this place "Scare-dy Cat". :-)

  13. @Jan: I like it too.

    @Linda: good name for a cat!

    @Deb: for you it is within driving distance.

    @furry gnome: it even comes with a resident cat.

    @Norma: I knew this place would draw attention.

    @VP: thank you!

    @Red: definitely not.

    @Jose: thanks!

    @EG: so am I.

    @Nefertiti: merci!

    @MB: indeed!

    @Lowell: hah!

    @Sharon: it is a good idea.

    @Jackie: I only have cats by visits.

    @Revrunner: there's an idea!

  14. Quite the place! I hope your Christmas was a good one!

  15. In America this shop is not very PC. Only for cats ? Oh No !
    Really ? Overlords ? hahahahahahahah
    But a very cute shop.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish.

  16. These look like your kinds of cats! (Love your banner photo and the ability of Toronto residents to skate in that beautiful place.)

  17. Cats R Us has interesting windows.

  18. i love the clocks, i have always wanted one of those, those movable eyeballs. they are fun to watch. ( :

  19. @RedPat: well, I've been sick for days on end, and I presently sound like Andy Garcia as an old man in the movie Dead Again.

    @Janey: it certainly is!

    @Parsnip: you'll be glad to know there's a cafe down the street that leans much more to the doggie side of things.

    @Jack: one must love cats!

    @Janis: thanks!

    @Orvokki: with a resident cat, too!

    @Linda: it certainly does.

    @Whisk: I do too.

    @Hilary: mine too!

    @Beth: they are!

  20. Hilarious place. Adore the top hat cat and the expression in those Scroogey-like eyes is amazing.

  21. It doesn't look as if you went inside. I hope the cat(s) in your life don't get wind of this. You may not be forgiven.

  22. I used to have one of those cat clocks when I was a kid, and then I bought one for my oldest son's room when he was little. No telling what happened to it. Fun photos. My kind of post!

  23. @Gemma: that is classic Grumpy Cat!

    @Jennifer: you should check it out if you come into the city.

    @Kay: it was closed on this particular day.

    @Susan: thank you.

    @Mari: it is!

  24. What is the world coming to? Cats? Hell in a hand-basket!