Sunday, December 27, 2015

Memorial Lights And Blue Snowflakes

These Christmas lights are set up around the War Memorial.

Down in the Glebe, meanwhile, Bank Street had blue and white balls in the trees, with snowflake shapes flashing on and off within, giving the illusion of movement.


  1. Nice job on photographing the lights, William. They look marvelous.

  2. You never fails, when I start in the morning to see the Internet, you're always. Thank you William.


  3. The lights are beautiful! Blessed Sunday!

  4. Very nice photo's of the lights in the dark. It is always difficult to catch them in a photo.

  5. Blue is such a pretty color this time of year. I remember an art teacher telling me that blue is a colder color than black! Add blue to a snowman and "brrrr" he looks cold! Great job of photographing the scene.


  6. These are beautiful! I normally prefer multicolored lights and ornaments, but the blue really works here.

  7. You Ottowans do know how to decorate your trees!

  8. I love this series, William! :)

  9. gorgeous lights, William. you get to share the greatest areas ... thanks for sharing. we didn't get out to see Christmas lights this year. i appreciate it so. so cool!! ( :

  10. Now the last lights get pretty fancy and complicated. They would attract my attention.

  11. Those trees look so beautiful. Great night shots.

  12. @Linda: thanks!

    @Tomas: you're welcome!

    @Marleen: and more to come, if I can get the posts prepped! I've been photographing some stuff over the last couple of days.

    @Whisk: thanks!

    @Andy: thank you!

    @Nancy: thank you.

    @Marianne: the balls were a bit of a challenge, I found. I photographed ten shots, and was satisfied with these two.

    @Janis: I can see that!

  13. @Norma: more lights to come, once I get a look at them!

    @Lowell: the crews who set these up do great work!

    @Linda: thank you!

    @Beth: oddly more of my Christmas lights photography was done later! I did quite a bit of it on Christmas Eve and will be posting some of them to come.

    @Red: I think this was the first year I've seen these balls.

    @VP: thank you!

    @Jose: thanks!

    @Sharon: thank you!

  14. All these night lights are so very pretty. The first two photos are especially enchanting.

  15. They are beautiful!!!! Nice, today, with ice on them, too!!!!

  16. I had a rather surprising result with blue Christmas lights myself that I'll be sharing tomorrow.

  17. These are all very pretty but it seems so odd to see your December shots without snow.

  18. Smashing pictures William, very good, it's often a tricky subject...

  19. Wow, those lights are beautiful! Would love to see snowflake lights flashing in person.
    I hope you had great holiday weekend. Have a wonderful new week ahead!

  20. @Gemma: and more lights to come.

    @Jennifer: yes, it finally feels more like winter.

    @Revrunner: I look forward to it.

    @Kay: today we finally have some snow around.

    @Geoff: it certainly can be.

    @Tamago: being under the weather does hamper the holidays.

  21. The lights around the memorial are beautiful!

  22. Spectacular shots, the first is my preferred !

  23. Looks very pretty.
    Is it done and paid for by the city or is it done buy some people with money?
    Here we have some shop owners who pay, - and some who don't...

  24. @Theresa: I certainly think so.

    @Pamela: that they are.

    @EG: thank you.

    @Karl: it stands out!

    @Gunn: in this case the federal government puts up the funding for the ones around the downtown core. The decor in the Glebe is from the local neighbourhood business association.