Sunday, December 6, 2015

Paying Tribute To The Brotherhood

Walking west down Wellington Street, one ends up at the area called Lebreton Flats, where diagonally across from the War Museum is the Canadian Firefighters Memorial, also called We Were There. Unveiled in 2012, it incorporates a large firefighter sculpture, a wall with the names of fallen fire fighters, and the inscription of a prayer suitable for the profession. More names will be inscribed on the wall in time, including a fire fighter who died several months ago in the area of Cold Lake, Alberta. William Hilts was a fire bomber pilot involved in the fight against a wildfire near that town in May. His plane crashed on the 22nd, and his body was recovered. Will was the son of Stewart and Maria; Stewart is a blogger who comments here regularly under the name Furry Gnome. After finishing here, I highly recommend you read his original post on the tragedy and about his memorial service.


  1. We are edified to honor them, William.

  2. His written memory is well on the stone and the place is beautiful.


  3. These friremen are such brave fighters. So many of us owe our lives to them in so many countries. A wonderful tribute.

  4. A sad story he lost his life so young, but a nice tribute for him.

  5. Such a poignant statue and story. Firefighters don't often get much credit, until the second we need them.

    Great post.


  6. So sad to have lost such a great number.

  7. Thanks for the tribute William. We look forward to seeing the monument in person next Sept ber at the annual service.

  8. The two firefighters monuments have impressed me. I follow the Frurry Gnome and read his description and tribute to his son. He's also had other posts about the loss of his son. You're right it is a good blog to follow.

  9. This memorial is huge and very nicely done.

  10. Great and beautiful tribute to the fire fighters.

  11. @Cloudia: we are.

    @Tomas: indeed.

    @Gemma: it takes great fortitude to do this.

    @Marianne: it certainly is.

    @Janis: and then they're a godsend.

    @Janey: there are many names here, and room for more. Room for another wall, too, if not more.

    @Marleen: that it is.

    @Hilary: it is.

  12. @Furry Gnome: I plan on being there too. I missed it this year. Thanks for allowing the links to your posts.

    @Norma: the artist and landscape designer did a good job.

    @Red: it was a shock when I first read the original post.

    @Tex: a huge loss. Parents aren't supposed to bury children.

    @Ciel: there's a great sense of strength and resolve in the statue and the monument as a whole.

    @Sharon: it is big, but I don't think it's so much so that it overwhelms.

    @Linda: very much so.

    @Nancy: that it is.

  13. Very well done and surely deserved!

  14. Very moving William, well done for posting...

  15. People don't always think of them as protectors, but they are.

  16. They are heroes who deserve to be recognized. Wonderful post! So sad to hear about Stewart and Mary's son Will.

  17. Very moving. Thank you. The posts about Will personalize and bring it all into focus.

  18. Wonderful tribute to firefighters, William!

  19. Firefighters deserve every honourable memorial they receive William, this is brilliant.

  20. @VP: very much deserved.

    @Hilary: I thought so too.

    @Mari: they certainly are.

    @Debs: it is.

    @Denise: it was a shock when I first read it.

    @Kay: they really do. Such a great loss.

    @Jan: thank you!

    @EG: it certainly is.

    @Grace: they do.

  21. William, thanks for the links back to the posts by the father whose son died fighting forest fires in Alberta. They were very moving.