Friday, December 25, 2015

Yuletide In The Great White North

Merry Christmas! 

Wreaths can be found in many places here in Ottawa at present. Two are on the front door of Centretown United Church, taken in daylight and evening recently. I like the look of the wreath against the faded wood.

Wreaths can be found on the front door of First Baptist Church downtown, first at night, and the second in the daytime.

This first Nativity scene is outside St. Patrick's Basilica downtown, taken a few days ago. I'm assuming the Baby Jesus is placed there as well during the Christmas Eve mass.

And this Nativity scene is on the mantle when one steps into Fourth Avenue Baptist Church in the Glebe.


  1. Oh my gosh, not for nothing, but I love the door in the first few photos.

  2. Hello William. Nice wreaths. Maybe next year I too will hang wreath on my front door. Merry Christmas and Happy weekend!

  3. Merry Christmas William, very nice pictures, have a good holiday....

  4. Beautiful Christmas scenes, William. Best wishes from the Netherlands!

  5. GOD JUL / MERRY CHRISTMAS to you from me here in Norway.

  6. A Merry Christmas to you William and enjoy your day.

  7. Where in the world do they make doors like that, William? Merry Christmas!

  8. @Whisk: they are solid lumber.

    @Nancy: wreaths are good to have around.

    @Geoff: thank you!

    @Marleen: thanks!

    @Gunn: thank you.

    @Marianne: I hope to do so.

    @Revrunner: both churches have been around a long time. The same applies to the second pair of churches.

  9. We have a small and simple wreath at the frontdoor each year.
    Your second photo is wonderful with the nice combination of colors and the crackled paint at the door.

  10. All beautiful symbols of the holiday!

    Again, Merry Christmas to all!

  11. Beautiful, William! Merry Christmas to you! :) :)

  12. Christmas gives many opportunities for photograph themes. This was a good one and interesting to show night and day.

  13. Interesting collection of wreaths and nativity scenes. The mythology lives on!

  14. The wreaths and nativity scenes are beautiful! Merry Christmas to you, William!

  15. I love the really simple wreaths! Joyeux Noël William !

  16. @Jan: thanks!

    @Norma: they seemed appropriate.

    @Linda: thank you.

    @Red: I went on a bit of a wreath frenzy this year.

    @Lowell: thank you!

    @Orvokki: thanks!

    @Tamago: thank you.

    @Sharon: and to you.

    @Ciel: merci!

    @VP: thanks!

    @nefertiti: thank you.

    @Beth: I thought so too.

  17. A very Merry Christmas to you, William, even if these wishes are a bit late in the day. Hope that your day was joyous and festive however it was spent.

  18. I love the iron strap work. Happy Christmas, William.

  19. I really like those simple wreaths. And the first door is GREAT. I love the hinges.

  20. I love wreaths.
    Here in Mexico the baby doesn't go into the manger until Christmas Eve.

  21. I feel so silly I forgot my little creche scene! The wreaths are lovely! I've mde some, but they never turn out well!

  22. @Beatrice: I spent a good part of the day coughing!

    @ODP: that caught my eye too.

    @EG: thank you!

    @Jackie: it does seem to be a Catholic tradition, though nativity scenes do make it into Protestant churches.

    @Jennifer: I'd be out of my element trying to make a wreath!

  23. It sounds like you may have been out of sorts during the holidays, William. Sorry to hear that. Hope you're feeling better.
    I like the wreaths. They're understated compared to many I've seen around.

    1. Christmas is, admittedly, no longer a happy holiday for me, but a day to get through. That particular year I was under the weather.

  24. Love the different lighting on the wreaths. I hope you are feeling better.