Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Return To The Lake

One more look at Dow's Lake today. These were the last shots I took during the Tulip Festival, though I'm not quite done with the series. On Victoria Day when these shots were taken, the park was very, very busy.

The raised circular bed of tulips in the park featured the Canada 150 tulip, which is in the foreground, and the Gavota tulip, which is behind it.

I  finish the Dow's Lake pics for this year with the bed that includes the Diana tulip.

On a different note, this made the news yesterday. A large sinkhole developed on one of our major streets downtown. Shops, a hotel, and the Rideau Centre, which I mentioned in yesterday's post, were all evacuated due to a gas leak linked to the collapse. I passed by to the west in the early afternoon. Everything was cordoned off, and the media were reporting from here. The sinkhole can be seen by enlarging the pic; it's the big black slash in the middle of the road a block away.


  1. Beautiful! And wow, what a sinkhole!

  2. i did see that on the news. yikes!

    i loved the purple...until i got to the white. gorgeous!

  3. What a wonderful riot of color. I love the colors of the first images.
    Sinkhole is a bad thing. And it messes up the whole city traffic :(

  4. The purple tulips are gorgeous! Hopefully no one got hurt with regards to the sinkhole.

  5. Oh, to be surrounded by this beauty. Looove!

  6. Thos tulips are magnificent. Yikes is the sink hole the result of methane build up under the road?

  7. Tulips are splendid. This song comes to mind! :)

  8. I had read it on the internet, about the sinkhole. Very frightening, did it ever happen before in your country?

  9. Red and Purple make a fabulous combination (photo one). Let us know what becomes of the sink hole.


  10. @Linda: that will be a headache to repair.

    @Tex: there was such a rich variety at the lake this year.

    @Stuart: there was no shortage.

    @Orvokki: it will be chaotic for a few days. That is one of the worst spots in the city for this to happen in terms of havoc in traffic.

    @Bill: that is the one good thing: no injuries.

    @Lux: thanks!

    @Mo: they're not sure if it was a water main or if it had to do with construction of the LRT, which is happening here.

    @Pat: that is a good choice!

    @Marianne: from time to time it has happened.

    @Janis: I hope the repairs are done by Canada Day.

  11. The tulips are splendid, William ! I love the beautiful vivid colours. This is the good news, the bad news is that I have just read about a big hole in the street not far from the Canadian Parliament building... fortunately no victims...?

  12. I figured our hot mess of an election would prompt the bowels of hell to open...but it looks like the demons took a wrong turn and ended up in Canada's capital instead....

  13. we saw a sink hole around here in our neck of the woods, it is super freaky to think that your ground could suddenly fall in. wild times. ( :

  14. Sink holes are a scary business. It doesn't happen here very much but it as been known to. More gorgeous tulips!

  15. Sink holes give one second thoughts about the safety of the engineering and construction business.

  16. I like lavender as you know, so I really enjoyed these photos. But I didn't think you had sinkholes up thataway. We have lots of them in Florida because of the kind of rock under our feet.

  17. Wow those dark Tulips are wonderful and of course so are the rest. LOL
    Sinkhole how strange.

  18. @Karl: that last pic is the very same site.

    @Norma: maybe we can throw Trump into the hole.

    @Beth: it could have been worse, if a bus had gone in when it opened up, or if that happened on Canada Day when pedestrians are walking across that spot.

    @Sharon: the tulips are a delight.

    @Red: my first reaction was to wonder if the LRT project beneath this location might be a contributing factor.

    @Lowell: it happens here from time to time. A lot of the land east of here has a good deal of sand composed into it, which can cause its own problems.

    @Cloudia: I do as well.

    @MB: thank you!

  19. More gorgeous tulips!
    Lets hope that they can trace the cause of that sink hole. Scary!

  20. Gorgeous tulips of so many colours. Sinkholes are scary!

  21. Spectacular, jealous that you saw the Diana tulip!

  22. More gorgeous tulips. So may varieties and colours. Yes, that is quite the sink hole on Rideau St. Makes for a great news story and lots of fun doctored photos of monsters coming out of it. lol

  23. I saw them pumping concrete into the hole on the news this morning!

  24. I would hate to fall I to a sink hole!

  25. @Marleen: my first impulse was to wonder if the LRT work had something to do with it.

    @Nancy: it's not something you want to see happen at one of the busiest intersections in a city.

    @EIP: it's a beautiful kind of tulip.

    @Pamela: once it was clear no one was hurt, a lot of locals started putting up memes or tweeting funny stuff about it. I know I did!

    @RedPat: I did as well. It'll be a few days before it's clear, I expect.

    @Janey: I would too. I think it's very lucky that it didn't happen on Canada Day, when that whole area is open to pedestrians only instead of cars.

  26. I love those purple tulips! Too bad about the sinkhole. They happen quite often here in Florida, but more because of natural reasons than man-made ones. There is an old one on some private property not far from my house that has been fenced off for years.

  27. I especially love the contrasting colors in that first shot though they're all wonderful.
    That's quite a sinkhole. It's a good thing it didn't swallow up anyone.

  28. Wow, that's a crazy sinkhole!

  29. I saw some coverage of the sinkhole. Odd.

  30. So love the first photo of tulips with the bright colour contrasts. Tulips certainly come in a wide variety of colours.

  31. That was quite an event, the sinkhole! Happily no one was hurt.
    I love the tulips colours. The season is so short!

  32. I heard the on the news. A sinkhole. Imagine.

  33. @Lois: it's still having an effect, as it put a huge dent in the schedule of the LRT tunnel construction.

    @Mari: definitely.

    @Kay: it could have been worse.

    @Linda: it was!

    @Jack: very odd.

    @Whisk: it had that effect.

    @Gemma: they do, yes.

    @Jennifer: that's true.

    @Carolann: who'd have thought?