Sunday, July 24, 2016

People And The Land

Moving into the Canadian collection at the National Gallery, I'm starting with Josepth Ourne, a portrait of a young Aboriginal woman by the Quebec artist Joseph Legare, painted circa 1840.

There are several paintings in the Gallery's collection by the artist Cornelius Krieghoff, a Dutch born artist who spent years living in Canada. This is an oil painting entitled White Horse Inn By Moonlight, painted in 1851.

Another Krieghoff is this oil painting, The Chaudiere, which depicts the Chaudiere Falls on the Ottawa River as they would have appeared at the time he painted this in 1858.

Winter Landscape, Laval is the title of this Krieghoff oil painting from 1862. 

These two paintings are both Krieghoffs as well. They are both takes on the same subject, a waterfall in Quebec. The top one is from 1854, titled The Saint Anne Falls Near Quebec from Above And Looking Upward. The lower painting, from 1855, is The Saint Anne Falls. 

This painting is by an artist named John Bell-Smith. The oil portrait is titled Miss Amelia Boddy. It dates back to 1845.

I peeked in at the enclosed courtyard garden while I was passing through this part of the Gallery.

And today I'll finish up with this pair, by the artist Paul Kane. The top one is Chinook Indians In Front Of Mount Hood, an oil painting dating circa 1851-56. Its companion also dates to those years, and is titled Interior Of A Clallam Winter Lodge, Vancouver Island.


  1. I have a feeling that you would have to make several visits there and spend a fair amount of time to do it justice.

  2. Beautiful paintings. Have a blessed Sunday!

  3. The last two paintings particularly interest me. Though the Clallam winter lodge is sited on Vancouver Island in the painting, the S'Clallam tribe (also called Clallam) lives in the region around me in Washington state. There is a recreated lodge in Neah Bay (Makah tribe) that looks very much like the one in the painting.

  4. Beautiful paintings! My favorite is the White Horse Inn By Moonlight.

  5. I'm especially fond of the Krieghoff paintings, and my favorite of those is the White Horse Inn!

  6. Krieghoff really captured the cold in that painting.

  7. Very nice selection you've picked for us William, merci beaucoup!

  8. beautiful art. love the garden peek, too!

  9. Replies
    1. some of our Canadian artists are not well known and don't get the recognition they should. thanks for taking us on tour.

  10. I especially love the Krieghoff paintings!

  11. You got to see a lot of powerful works of art!

  12. That Krieghoff painted really wonderful landscapes.

  13. @Kate: fortunately it is close by.

    @Nancy: thank you!

    @Kay: it doesn't surprise me that the tribe would be on both sides of the border.

    @Bill: mine too.

    @Lowell: you're not the only one.

    @Deb: he did!

    @Grace: you're welcome.

    @Tex: the garden is a delight.

    @Norma: thanks!

    @Red: you're welcome.

    @Linda: I wondered how people would react to him.

    @Sharon: and more to come.

    @Jan: he did, yes.

  14. I like paintings that show people! Nice courtyard, too!

  15. Those are beautiful paintings. And I love the view of courtyard!

  16. Lovely photos/paintings but that garden one has me smiling the most. So neat and fun to look at.

  17. That garden is growing PINEAPPLES!!?? [ the do look it]

    Wonderful are from a great nation

  18. These are all wonderful works, William!

  19. @Cheryl: thanks!

    @Tamago: I prefer that to the other courtyard, but both have their virtues.

    @Whisk: it is art in and of itself.

    @Cloudia: I would defer to you on pineapples!

    @RedPat: thanks!

    @Marleen: thank you.

  20. A nice cool art gallery sounds nice right now.

  21. Such great artwork and I love the courtyard "peek."


  22. I really like the Winter scenes of Krieghoff. I've not heard of him before but now I'm a fan.

  23. @Revrunner: I must return sometime soon.

    @Janis: it's quite a building.

    @Debs: he's quite an artist.

    @Hilary: thanks!

    @Karl: they are!