Saturday, July 2, 2016

Welcome Back To An Ice Age In Canada

"The snow's not stopping! We're talking ice age here, people, ice age! Burn whatever you have to to keep warm, and if it comes down to a Donner Party situation... eat the most annoying person first. We're all going to die! Oh, the humanity!" ~ Skip Flanagan, television news weather forecaster

Back in February we had ourselves a rather serious snowfall that dropped half a metre of snow on the city. I took a whole bunch of shots, including around the Rideau Canal, and decided to hold some back for a summer day. Trust me, it doesn't look like this right now.


  1. So hot and lots of fires where I live. The snow photos are just what I need right now.
    Love Skip ! he is a hoot.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  2. A nice visual memory just so people don't forget :)

  3. That does take me back! A lovely chilly morning, and rain last night!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  4. We have had a lot of rain in juni, actually I would rather have some snow ... ;-)

  5. William​, you're using that four-letter word again...feed the cuss bank!

  6. I never thought snow would look good to me, but after part of a summer in the Florida heat...not so bad!

  7. Such photos are supposed to cool you off on a hot summer day! I don't think it's working. Nice idea though to show winter shots in July.

  8. What fun to celebrate Summer this way, William!

  9. @Parsnip: I just assume all weather forecasters are like this.

    @Bill: some places are hot, so this is a good way of dealing with it.

    @Jennifer: the thunder and lightning last evening added something to the occasion!

    @Jan: the rain we had yesterday, we needed.

    @Marleen: we've had too much sun!

    @Norma: it's a wonderful four letter word!

    @Lowell: that's understandable!

    @Red: I thought it was a good idea.

    @Linda: thanks!

    @Cloudia: thank you!

  10. Thanks for the cool down! I'm feeling much better now.

  11. It's hard to remember the cold! ;-)

  12. well, i appreciated the cool-down!

  13. I just got back from a 100 mile motorcycle ride in 88 degree weather. I could jump in a pile of that snow right now! Great idea to hold some snow pics back!


  14. Well, we've had every other kind of weather this year. So snow in July--yeah, that's possible. :-)

  15. BRRR! I have a mathematician friend that claims we will be heading into an ice age. She may be dreaming or her calculations are completely different from others.

  16. Don't despair, William. It will be winter again one day.

  17. Krääääk... I don't remember winter at all.. but it's sooner than we can think.

  18. I know you miss it but why torture us? Lol

  19. You certainly hit it on the head when you said your winter and mine are different William. We're middle winter and today it was 20C I think. How hot do you get now in your summer? It's a good thing you love snow, I bet you're looking forward to its return ��

  20. @Sharon: you're welcome.

    @RedPat: it'll be back.

    @Tex: thanks!

    @Janis: I thought so!

    @Revrunner: it can happen!

    @Mari: ice ages would be welcome.

    @Kay: definitely!

    @Orvokki: yes!

    @Eve: I love it.

    @Grace: we get into the upper thirties.

  21. Such heavy snowfalls. It is as if the snow owns the world and chooses to redecorate it at whim.