Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Renaissance Art And The Faith

Today I'm moving into the world art section of the National Gallery. This first painting is by Paolo Caliari, also known as Veronese, dated to 1572, titled The Rest On The Flight Into Egypt. It depicts the Holy Family fleeing the wrath of King Herod, as told in the Gospels.

This is the gallery space where several of these paintings are placed. 

This work dates to 1570, and is the work of a father and son, Jacopo and Francesco da Ponte, also known as Jacopo and Francesco Bassano. It is titled Departure Of Abraham For Canaan, and depicts the passage from Genesis 12.

This rather grisly painting is The Martyrdom Of St. Erasmus, dating to 1628. It was painted by the French artist Nicholas Poussin, and shows the disemboweling of a third century Bishop by Roman priests.

The Return Of The Prodigal Son is a painting by Italian artist Salvador Rosa, painted at some point between 1655-65. Rosa depicts the parable from the Gospels of the fallen son having had come home to his father.

Dutch artist Matthias Stom painted this oil painting between 1630-32, and it is titled The Arrest Of Christ. You can see the influences in terms of lighting of the style of Caravaggio, and Stom paints those around Jesus in more contemporary attire, while the Messiah himself is depicted in a traditional style.

This was a challenge to photograph- the oil painting is dark, both the shape of the man and the background, but the face stands out. This is Daniele Barbaro, dating to 1545, and was painted by Tiziano Vecellio, who you might know better as Titian.

Nearby, I stopped to look down at the fountain from the balcony.


  1. I like the colour of the wall in your second photo, William. I think it brings more life and detail to the paintings.

  2. São quadros fantásticos.
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.

  3. Beautiful works in beautiful surroundings!

  4. I like the look down in the last photo. Nice building.

  5. Beautiful works, obviously... interesting to know that also a Veronese is exposed in Ottawa !

  6. The Old Masters are amazing.. the age of the paintings astounding!

  7. wonderful artwork and there's that fountain i really like!

  8. Many of us are unaware of the huge amount of religious art. I remember a gallery of Quebec religious art when I visited the National Gallery in 1967. There were many would carvings.

  9. @Linda: it was a good choice of colour. Most of the work here are contained in that one room, which always impresses me when I walk into it.

    @Francisco: thank you!

    @Halcyon: definitely!

    @Marleen: it's quite a height!

    @Karl: Veronese had a beautiful style.

    @Grace: they're well cared for, obviously.

    @Tanya: I've always liked the fountain too.

    @Red: the carvings and religious art are still there. Next time I'm in I'll spend some time photographing them- I usually go forward past them.

  10. Love that view of the fountain.

  11. Beautiful paintings in the beautiful gallery! I like the view from the balcony very much.

  12. They are all beautiful paintings of interesting mythologies.

  13. I could go for that fountain today! I hope we get a cool day soon!

  14. Great art. It is hard to photo oils with the darkness and then there is glare probs too. You handled it well. Love the looking down shot. Hey good for July first CDP shot. (haha)

  15. Beautiful paintings by those Masters.

  16. I visited Erasmus' place of burial this past May.

  17. @Sharon: so do I.

    @Tamago: the fountain seems calming.

    @Lowell: that they are.

    @RedPat: same story here- too hot!

    @MB: if only I'd thought of it- I'd have gone in sooner!

    @Bill: definitely wonders of art, as far as I'm concerned.

    @Revrunner: that's a small world!

    @Carolann: yes, indeed!

  18. They seemed to be a tad dark today. By the way, prodigal son means the one that spent all the money. I had to change the title of a chapter in one of my books because of that.

  19. Love the paintings by the masters. Really love the fountain, too! Great place to hang out.


  20. Some great art and great spaces!

  21. Beautiful paintings. The artists are so gifted!

  22. Wonderful collection of art. I agree with Linda. The color of the gallery seems ideal for the artwork it contains. And the fountain in the lobby looks so welcoming.

  23. I love all of these, but the first is my favorite.

  24. @Mari: it's quite inspirational for artists.

    @Janis: that it certainly is.

    @Cloudia: definitely!

    @Nancy: they were, yes.

    @Lindsay: yes, it is that.

    @Kay: they chose well in decorating this particular room.

    @Norma: it's a good one.