Saturday, July 16, 2016


I wanted to show what's happening at the National War Memorial and the National Arts Centre at the moment. The Memorial is walled off at present, with refurbishment work going on, including scaffolding around the Memorial itself for cleaning of the statues. The work is due to be done in early November in time for Remembrance Day.

The NAC itself, across from the Memorial, remains open for performances (with entrances on the far side of the building). On the west side, however, serious work is going on. A glass structure is to be added onto this side, off setting some of the 1960s architecture. This project is set to be finished next year before Canada Day, and I am tracking its progress on occasion. Check out the first post from when things were just getting started.

This is typical of what can be found on the temporary walls surrounding the two sites, posters for an exhibit going on at present at the National Gallery.

Also around here are art renderings of what the enclosure will look like.

The sculpture of Oscar Peterson remains unaffected, likely to remain outside the enclosed space.

I liked the look of the sunlight on this staircase further away from the construction work.

And this ad is for the fall season's opening gala for the NAC Orchestra, which will feature the jazz musician Diana Krall among the evening's festivities.


  1. Oscar Peterson appears in many places. It was a good pianist.


  2. Will be fun to see your photos when everything is finished and we can compare those with these three renderings.

  3. I like the pianist and the piano. Looking forward to see the after renovation work.

  4. That sculpture of Oscar Peterson is very nice, looks like he can start playing the piano right now.

  5. Great to see how Oscar Peterson stays where he is, not disturbed by anything. :-)

  6. Will be lovely to see when everything is completed. The way the world is going, we'll need more and more memorials.... Let us see it when it is completed this fall/winter.


  7. It's going to be fabulous William, looks like it will be a super blend between old and new!

  8. I didn't realize! Hubby likes Krall. I just don't like crowds, though!

  9. @Linda: thanks!

    @Tomas: he was a wonderful pianist.

    @Stefan: I am curious as to how closely they will intersect.

    @Nancy: it'll be awhile, but the work is proceeding.

    @Marianne: of the many statues here in the city, that is my favourite.

    @Jan: and still available for photo ops.

    @Janis: I will be glad when the Memorial is open again.

    @Grace: I have been pleased since I saw the first renderings.

    @Jennifer: I love her music. She has such a gift.

  10. i love Diana Krall music. i think i have 2 of her CDs. have a nice weekend!! have a blast. ( :

  11. Improvements must be made so we have to put up with some inconvenience. I'm sure both will be better after the work is finished.

  12. Lots of work going on in your area!

  13. It will be awesome when the work is completed. Glad you are documenting the progress. Most of the time we get use to the way things are and fail to see how things change.

  14. Love the sculpture of Oscar Peterson and I'd walk a mile to see Diana Krall!

  15. Looking forward to seeing the finished work!

  16. @Beth: I've seen her live in concert. She's great!

    @Red: I am looking forward to both being completed.

    @Sharon: a whole lot, yes. A lot of it fits into the 150th anniversary next year.

    @Bill: it seemed like a good idea with the NAC to document the process on occasion. I am already thinking of angles for the next post, probably sometime next month.

    @Lowell: they're both terrific musicians.

    @Norma: I am as well.

    @Marleen: it's such a good one.

  17. I think I will like the addition!

  18. I will listen for that name--Krall.

  19. So love that sculpture of the man and his piano. Looks like the newstructure will be beautifully designed in light-filled glass.

  20. Lots of work going on. By looking at the renderings, I imagine it will be really nice when it's finished. I look forward to your photos :-)

  21. Oscar looks like he wouldn't care much either way...and it looks like the changes will be for the better. Hopefully, they're worth waiting for.

  22. @RedPat: me too.

    @Revrunner: she is a wonderful musician

    @Gemma: it looks like they'll get it right.

    @Tamago: it will be fun to document the process.

    @Mari: I think so.

    @Kay: the sixties were not a good era for architecture. This will help.