Saturday, January 7, 2017

First Images Of A New Year

These shots are my first of the year, taken on New Year's Day. I headed over to Carleton University to catch the O-Train, and thought the minimalist look of the rails through the snow made for an interesting image. The same applied to animal tracks beside the station through the fresh snow.

Downtown, I came to Parliament Hill, which had been the scene of a big party on New Year's Eve. I should have come on down- I developed a headache late that afternoon and stayed in. These banners are hanging downtown along Wellington Street, a mark of the 150th anniversary of Confederation. The statue behind it is Henry Harper, whose presence I've featured before.

Crews were busy on the Hill, bringing down the stage and other infrastructure elements of the previous night's events. The evening had included two sets of fireworks, a concert, and a passing of the torch by school children from Ottawa's City Hall to the Centennial Flame.

This stage was set up down at City Hall, a few blocks away. Something else has been set up here as well- a large torch sculpture that I assume is going to remain lit for a good long while- probably through this anniversary year. This was where that passing of the torch had begun.


  1. All right, William, thank you for showing us details of the history of your city.


  2. There is snow (are you happy for it) and looks rather cold..
    The second photo is really nice..:)

  3. It must be cold to perform on that open stage.

  4. The torch sculpture is incredible William, looks amazing burning there against the snowy backdrop!

  5. Love the torch sculpture! Here, we are snowed in!


  6. That's one hell of a party. Sorry your headache made you miss it. But thanks for these very cool photos!

  7. It looks like this theme will be featured on your blog for most of the year.I imagine preparations will be ramped up now after the New Year.

  8. I like those minimalistic shots in the snow.
    We have had two winter days with a minimum of snow and ice again. At the moment it's raining again.

  9. @Tomas: you're welcome!

    @Orvokki: I am very happy about the snow.

    @Marianne: as do I.

    @Marleen: I imagine it would have been.

    @Grace: it does, yes.

    @Janis: snow causes more havoc there than it does here, but we're much more used to the winter.

    @Cloudia: definitely!

    @Lowell: you're welcome.

    @Red: Canada 150 is definitely going to be a presence on the blog through the year. Canada Day is going to be momentous. I'd better pack two cameras!

    @Nancy: I do too.

    @Jan: they seemed to appeal to me, and I was waiting for the train anyway, so...

  10. So nice, William, and your last two photos make the perfect ending to this series! I am celebrating winter and the snow, too! :)

  11. I'm surprised to see so much outdoor activity for New Year's Eve up there in cold country. You Canadians are hardy bunch!

  12. My they do things up right in Ottawa, don't they?

  13. Love the tracks of both kinds in the snow!

  14. The tracks and lines in the snow were an interesting contrast. I really feel that folks tend to overlain lines, shadows and reflections...all of which re favorites of mine when taking photos. And, that New year's celebration was quite the big event it seemed from all that was required to take it down.

  15. I especially like the torch sculpture!

  16. @Linda: and we have a good deal of snow on the ground!

    @Sharon: we've gotten used to all of the snow.

    @Catalyst: thus far, yes.

    @RedPat: me too.

    @Beatrice: I was surprised to see them working on New Year's Day.

    @Norma: it's quite distinctive.

  17. It must have been quite a large party! I just love that second photo with the shadows and the little animal tracks.

  18. Yep, for the first time this year, we've got snow, too.

  19. The torch is sculpture is awesome. At first I thought the tracks were wires. Cool photos!

  20. Great torch sculpture, but that is far too cold for this desert person.

  21. I like that torch sculpture, though some elements of it make me think of a Star Wars character composite.

  22. Interesting torch. They should keep it lit all winter.

  23. not sure you call it this, but the clock tower is gorgeous!! love that architecture. love the red flags, neat style!! ( ;

  24. One of the few metal sculptures I like.

  25. I'm pretty much fed up with 150!!!
    But that's just me...
    or is it?

  26. @Lois: the whole year was a party.

    @Revrunner: snow is a great thing.

    @Bill: they do have that look.

    @Mari: snow is a good thing.

    @Kay: I can see that.

    @Linda: it's still there. It's not lit all the time.

    @Beth: I have always liked the tower.

    @Jennifer: I can see how some people might have felt about the anniversary.