Monday, January 30, 2017

The Fundamental Things Apply

I have been keeping regular track of the ongoing project at the National Arts Centre. My last post is here. Work continues on the glass enclosure around portions of the building, due to be finished by Canada Day. I crossed to the south side a few days ago, one of those days where blue sky was elusive and short lasting.

Some of the work crew can be seen on break in the background. I decided to do a close up photo of the sculpture of jazz pianist Oscar Peterson.

The NAC remains open during the project, and this poster for an upcoming screening of the film (with the orchestra playing the music) could be found. Incidentally, if you're wondering about the title of this post, it's part of the lyrics for As Time Goes By.

Heading up to the terrace, I came to where public access ends, managing to capture a glimpse of Parliament Hill at the end of Elgin Street. This is on the west side of the building.

Coming off the terrace, I came to the east side of the building for another view north.

After running some errands nearby, I photographed the north side of the NAC, starting at Plaza Bridge over the Canal. You can see how quickly the clouds had moved back in.


  1. Sunny skies and snow look so beautiful together!


  2. always something on gone in your city. busy bees they are. ( ;

  3. You managed to capture some sunny shots while the clouds were away. Looking forward to the finished project.

  4. Hmm - of all the arts joints in all the world...

  5. There's a lot going on here William, is it due to be finished this year? I recognised the title straight away, As Time Goes By was one of my favourite TV shows, Judi Dench, fantastic 😊

  6. Nice serie of the ongoing work.
    Must be special to see Casablanca with live music.

  7. I bet it's going to be nice when it's done! Thanks for the update.

  8. Another significant cultural institution of which Ottawa can be proud. Boy, those clouds sure took the life out of the place, though! What a difference. We watched Casablanca for the first time a couple of years ago. Hey, I'm sorry, I was busy! :)

  9. This is going to make an already attractive building much more inviting.

  10. They seem to be making good progress. I do like that sculpture!

  11. @Janis: they do, but they're so elusive!

    @Beth: this is quite a project. There's another one going on at the other side of the Canal from here that I haven't documented at all- the Government Conference Centre refurbishments.

    @Nancy: I'm looking forward to it as well.

    @Mike: ...she had to walk into mine.

    @Grace: I think it'll be done on time. They've got a few months left.

    @Jan: I think I'd enjoy it. I love the movie!

    @Sharon: it looks chaotic now, but it'll look good when it's all done. I'd love to get inside and see the work from that point of view.

    @Lowell: we get our share of gloomy winter days!

    @Red: I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project.

    @Lois: I do as well. Oscar would be proud.

  12. That is a huge project to work on!

  13. Casablanca with the orchestra would be cool!

  14. Casablanca is one of my favorite movies ever. The project looks like it is proceeding in a timely manner.

  15. Talk about old films, I just ordered "Gaslight", starring Charles Boyer, from Netflix because of, well, you know who. :-)

  16. Nice to see the progress! Thanks, William.

  17. @Marleen: yes, but it's coming along nicely.

    @RedPat: if I can make it, I'd like to see it.

    @Bill: it's a great movie!

    @Revrunner: well, of course. That's a good one!

    @Linda: you're welcome.

  18. The sculpture looks fantastic. The clouds seem to rule right now.

  19. Live music played to Casablanca? That sounds like quite an event!

  20. I really like the sculpture of Oscar Peterson. Very nice.

  21. i like the sculpture of oscar! he looks like a nice guy!

  22. I can never remember if I've visited your posts or not! The places are so familiar and you are doing a wonderful job covering Ottawa. I enjoy your posts!

  23. @Mari: we get a lot of bleak days in winter.

    @Kay: I should have gone to see it!

    @Tammie: it's my favourite sculpture in the city, if I had to pick just one.

    @Tanya: it really evokes his personality. The artist, Ruth Abernethy, has great skill.

    @Whisk: ah, so now you must see it!

    @Jennifer: thank you!

    @Norma: so do I.