Sunday, July 23, 2017


During my Canada Day visit, I stopped in at all but one of the galleries in the Museum of Nature- I knew the fossils gallery would be far too busy- but photographed in just two. The Earth Gallery covers rocks, minerals, crystals, and those forces that make the world work. There are extensive display cases here with examples of rocks, as well as before and after versions of what can be done with minerals or crystals. I have had an aunt of mine in here- she was completely taken with the place, and we were easily in here more than an hour.

There is an extensive area covering volcanoes and earthquakes around the world, complete with samples and interactive activities.

One of the interactive activities is a global map that can be shifted in setting or focused in on a given area. You can also shift the time, from a day to a month, to get a look at where notable seismic events have taken place in that period. This first screen is the previous week's worth of activity, while the second is the previous 24 hours. Each dot, in green or purple, designates an epicenter.

Here are more of those displayed minerals and crystals.


  1. Mineral displays like these can be so interesting, especially seeing minerals in raw form and then finished and polished. And the volcanic samples and seismic events look fascinating.

  2. i think i have seen similar minerals at like a mine ... we have these all over the east ... mines i mean ... they were mined for coal ... so i guess folks enjoy seeing them. sometimes they are for sale ... the smaller ones that is. ( ;

  3. I could look at rocks and minerals all day. I bet it was interesting.
    Happy Sunday, William.


  4. ...the creations of nature are sights to behold.

  5. Hello, what a beautiful display. The minerals and crystals do look beautiful. My son had a small collection that was similar, he picked up pieces while we traveled out west. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  6. It always amazes me how differnt a plain rock can look on the inside.

  7. @Kay: and they have a lot of it.

    @Beth: this place is quite an experience.

    @Janis: it was!

    @Tom: they are!

    @Eileen: I have the odd bit of amethyst.

    @Janey: it can be quite a difference.

  8. Wonderful, my oldest grand son would like this exhibition, he's fond of minerals and all kind of rocks.

  9. What an impressive display of minerals.

  10. I'd love to tour that part, william!

  11. Neat photos
    Your post reminds me there's a Gem & Mineral show in South Burlington, Vermont next weekend that I don't want to miss.

  12. What a lovely display, William!

  13. @Jan: it is quite a place to visit.

    @Sharon: indeed!

    @Red: I enjoy doing so.

    @Maywyn: have fun!

    @Linda: definitely!

    @Cloudia: very much so.

  14. A wonderful display of interesting and unique minerals.

  15. I like museums about Mother Earth.

  16. There was a nature store at Union Station here years ago. I used to go in there just to see all the minerals (and buy some from time to time).

    The seismic display is especially interesting.