Tuesday, August 1, 2017

City Daily Photo Theme Day: Young At Heart

The first day of the month is a theme day for members of City Daily Photo, and for August, that theme  is Young At Heart. You can see how others are interpreting this theme at this link.

The ice rink outside Ottawa City Hall tends to be popular during the winter, and during Winterlude in February, I stopped by one day as skaters from the Minto Skate Club were doing demonstrations of their skill. I photographed three sets, showing a couple of them in my Winterlude series. I decided to hold this set back for this theme day, as it felt entirely appropriate.

This is much more recent. I was running errands in the Byward Market one day in late June and happened to come across a group dancing for onlookers, with swing music playing. Side Street Swing is the name of the dance school and performance company, and they do this once a week in the summer during the noon hour. I featured them earlier in July, as they were performing outside the National Gallery of Canada during the Canada Day weekend.


  1. ...at this point I'd rather enjoy the sunshine, the snow and ice will be here soon enough.

  2. i love the snowy shots! so great - romantic even! ( ;

  3. Hello, the ice skaters look professional. I like the street dancers too. Lots of fun things to do there. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. @Kay: thanks!

    @Stuart: they were very good.

    @Tom: I miss winter!

    @Marianne: indeed.

    @Beth: I agree.

    @Eileen: that skate club has a very good reputation.

  5. Wonderful series, William, I specially love those ice dancers

  6. The skaters are very graceful but the street dancers are really living up to their name as they're swinging enthusiastically!

  7. I love to see those people dancing. I might be getting older but, the right music has me up and moving every time.

  8. Great comparison of winter and summer dancing. Both performances are very interesting to watch.

  9. Always like watching the ice skaters and street dancers. Enjoy their graceful moves.

  10. I see what you mean about us being on the same wavelength William 😀 Love the couple skating, so wonderful to watch, wish I could actually skate!

  11. Dancing makes anyone feel young at heart. Great idea for the theme.

  12. I always admire skaters and how they keep their balance ...
    Dancing is such fun, and these dancers really do seem to have happy faces as well as dancing feet!

    My good wishes for this new month of August ... don't know where the year is going!

    All the best Jan

  13. Both activities are so much fun to watch!

  14. @Jan: I did too.

    @Christine: it looked like fun in both cases.

    @Sharon: swing is great music to listen to.

    @Red: they certainly are.

    @Karl: me too.

    @Nancy: they were good!

    @Cloudia: definitely!

    @Grace: I know I can't!

    @Halcyon: thank you!

    @Jan: they looked like they were enjoying themselves.

    @RedPat: they certainly are.

  15. I'll say it again. You sure are a dancin' crowd up there beyond the 4th. :-)

  16. Excellent choices for the Young at Heart theme, William. I never could skate. :)

  17. Dancing on skates requires special skills!

  18. I love this series, William! Perhaps because at 60 I am young at heart! :)

  19. I also love this series William. Watching people skate, more so when they seem to be experts, is a very enjoyable pastime. Watching the inexperienced is fine until someone falls and that fills me with sympathy as some come down with a horrific sounding clonk. But then they get up and get on with it, and that I admire in young and old. I enjoy street entertainers. Great photos for this theme.

  20. Dancing in the streets! Your fun photographs make me smile. Thank you

  21. You don't have to be young to skate, but it helps!

  22. I always admire people dancing on ice. It's a hard sport.

  23. @Revrunner: we've got a lot that goes on here.

    @Bill: I certainly can't!

    @Kate: it really does.

    @Linda: thank you!

    @Denise: these skaters and dancers were very talented!

    @Maywyn: you're welcome.

    @Linda: it does!

    @Klara: it is!

  24. Always so much going on there!
    Nice photos William.

  25. And how 'bout you, William, do you like to skate or dance?

    1. I've never learned to skate, and I'm a horrible dancer. :)