Saturday, August 5, 2017

In The Footsteps Of History

These items in a display case in this area date to 1842 and earlier, and were from the Red River area in the west, typically worn by First Nations peoples.

These items also date back to the same era- the rolled up fabric is a tell tale of the era of the voyageurs, French Canadians who traveled extensively for the fur trade.

This is a Mountie's tunic. The North-West Mounted Police was the predecessor of the RCMP as we know it today. This belonged to a police inspector, Leif Crozier, who went out on the Great March West of 1874. He was the first member of that force to arrest a Yankee whisky trader.

A panel here goes into detail on Sandford Fleming, the Canadian rail engineer who devised the universal  system of timekeeping in 24 distinct time zones around the world.

This is a part of the original Canada Hall that I was pleased to see is still here. St. Onuphris Church is a Ukrainian Catholic Church, built in 1915 in Alberta. It was brought to the Museum in the 1990s, reconstructed with the sanctuary intact, and is still in fact used for religious services. 

I took in more views of the central hub as I walked up the long ramp to the third gallery, which goes from 1914 to the current day.

I paused for a look across a large gap. A level below, and beyond that glass, is the Children's Museum area- I have been in twice, and both times came out with a splitting headache. A mural hangs on the wall, reaching from this level down to the ground below. We'll have a look at that from below before I'm done with this series.


  1. I'm enjoying this tour. The museum is so gorgeous. I had no idea that a Canadian had come up with the concept of time zones. St. Onuphris Church is a gem.

  2. Nice exhibitions, love to see the old items as clothes.

  3. How interesting. I did not know that it was a. Uanadian who set up the universal time system.

  4. Our daughter did her practize in that museum for getting her degree in a museum education from the Dutch Reinward Academy.

  5. What a great slice of history. Loved seeing the orthodox church photo.


  6. @Linda: thank you!

    @Kay: it's an ingenious system.

    @Marianne: it is quite a museum.

    @Janey: it was the increased speed of transportation that made it a requirement.

    @Tom: indeed!

    @SC: a small world!

    @Janis: I was pleased to see its continued presence.

  7. Thanks William. I like the shadows on the church. Link to shadow shot sunday?

  8. You show many things from the museum but then ne stops and thinks, "This is only a small part of our history. Thankfully there's more than one museum in this country..

  9. That is certainly one very expansive museum.

  10. Another fascinating look around the museum William, the long panel looks amazing!

  11. Very interesting museum William. I especially enjoyed looking at the clothing and also the mural. St. Onuphris is also a beautiful church. Thank you, great photos all of them.

  12. Hello, wonderful museum and exhibit. I like the cute church and the pretty mural on the wall. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  13. I love that they brought the church there and that it is still used!

  14. @Cloudia: alas, I'm not in tomorrow, so I'll have to leave it be.

    @Red: that is true.

    @Sharon: it is!

    @Grace: it's quite a work of art!

    @Denise: you're welcome.

    @Eileen: thank you.

    @RedPat: I imagine it would be rarely used for a service... perhaps a small wedding?

    @Revrunner: it really is!

  15. Lots of interesting history in the museum. I am amazed about St. Onuphris Church and its unique history. It's a very nice looking church.

  16. I would so love to wander in that museum.

  17. very cool art. nice! i really dislike headaches. got one now speaking of those silly headaches. mine are always sinus related though. have a super great weekend. ( ;

  18. Neat stuff! Since you are officially on FB sabbatical, I want to be sure you saw the CDP post on you.

  19. For some reason, I couldn't post a comment earlier....

    I love the church!

  20. @Bill: it certainly is!

    @Maywyn: I have to go in there when it's quiet and few kids around. Lots of kids make lots of noise, and my hearing is very well tuned.

    @Mari: it's a great place to explore!

    @Beth: I have occasionally had sinus headaches, but generally it is regular headaches. High pitched sounds like shrieks can do it.

    @Linda: I saw! Supposedly the suspension should be finished by week's end.

    @Norma: me too.

  21. I love picture with the small church. Wonderful light.

  22. You're so funny! "a splitting headache" It's difficult herding cats!

    1. The noise in there when I've gone in does that to me.

  23. Looks a very interesting museum William ... and large!

    All the best Jan

  24. It's still a good idea to watch out for Yankee whiskey traders!🤣