Thursday, August 17, 2017


A reminder to members of City Daily Photo: the theme day for September is Photographing the Photographer.

Buskerfest is our annual event featuring a collection of buskers throughout the first weekend of August. It takes place on Sparks Street, a block south of Parliament Hill, and always features a variety of performers. Today I have several buskers for you at once. The first busker I'm showing is one who was here last year. Pancho Libre is a gymnast busker whose final part of the act has him perched high on a pole above the crowd. Here, he's up against the reflective surface of the CD Howe Building, with the Wellington Building and the Confederation Block of Parliament Hill reflected in its glass.

Up the street, a busker by the name of Mat Ricardo was in the midst of his act when I came through, having had wrangled one of the onlooking kids into the show.

Another act present this year was the escape artist Rob Collins. I caught him briefly entertaining quite a crowd.

An aerialist trio, Hercinia Arts, was just getting their act started here on the last morning of the festival.

And I came across another act on the last day of the festival. Zap Circus (there were a lot of circus named acts this year) had roped in a couple of onlookers into their act.


  1. This is such a fun festival. Too bad they don't have something like it here.

  2. A lot of entertainment in the streets.

  3. Your buskers series is always a fun one. I want to see the circus act!


  4. They definitely can draw the crowds! A great event!

  5. so fun. love the colorful outfits. need something to get rid of a cold .... over this. sneeze-ya later! lol!! ( ;

  6. Must be a wonderful festival with a lot of action.

  7. Hello, that is some crowd and festival. The circus act would be fun to watch. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!

  8. @Halcyon: they bring a good sense of humour into things.

    @Marianne: there is a good deal going on, and still I missed acts.

    @Stefan: it was.

    @Janis: I should have photographed more!

    @Christine: the crowds flock to this.

    @Tom: very much so.

    @Beth: thanks!

    @Jan: it is!

    @Eileen: it really brings people out.

  9. Great reflections and the Buskers are very entertaining I bet :)

  10. I would really enjoy a festival like this. Nice reflections too.

  11. I like watching buskers. They are very skillful and entertaining in their acts.

  12. Many of these acts take quite a bit of skill.

  13. I need some peace, entertainment, and civility right now! Thanks

  14. @Denise: they were!

    @Marleen: it was quite a weekend.

    @Red: it takes a lot of practice.

    @Karl: it really was!

    @Sharon: skill and persistence- and a good rapport with your audience!

    @Cloudia: you're welcome.

    @Catalyst: definitely!

    @Linda: thanks!

  15. Well, they certainly have everyone's attention.

  16. It looked like there was a crowd for every act. Amazing.

  17. Buskerfest! I would love seeing that. It's great for buskers for sure. I hope they were making some money.
    Nice photos William.

  18. First they've got to have some talent. Then they've got to be brave enough to perform in public. I give them a lot of credit for both.

  19. Wonderful photos and festival
    I didn't know buskers is the name for street performers. Great name.

  20. The Busters make a whole day of entertainment and also times long weekends.

  21. I mean Buskers. My mistake.

  22. Thank you for reminding me CDP Theme:)
    You have very interesting reflections here.

  23. @Revrunner: they do! Looking back now a year later, I got one name wrong- that's Fraser Hooper, whose act I caught this year, with the kid.

    @Bill: it's a lot of fun.

    @Norma: that it is.

    @Mari: it always draws people.

    @Pat: they come from all over.

    @Kay: they do great at this.

    @Maywyn: yes, that's the term.

    @Carolann: they're a blast to see.

    @Klara: thank you!