Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Church Hall And Columbarium

I have more today from my visit to Christ Church Cathedral during Doors Open.

Some years ago a new church hall was erected between the church and a new condo tower off to the west. This view takes in the inner courtyard between the church and the church hall, between old and new.

The new church hall incorporates a labyrinth on its floor, and is regularly used as such. I have walked its path from beginning to end, and can tell you that the concept is rather calming. I will have to come back at some point- the church has labyrinth evenings that would make for an ideal post.

Here we have another view of the courtyard.

Beneath the church is a columbarium, a repository for urns that can be made available for those who would like them. A small chapel can be found down here as well, with stained glass windows at the end.

I returned up to the sanctuary, finishing my visit with some more stained glass windows up here. I will be carrying on with the Doors Open series after tomorrow's theme day, though I can say that my take on the Spirit theme is in common with my posts these last three days.


  1. Love the courtyard shots! I've walked several labyrinths. Some are built outdoors with rocks.

  2. Always very interesting and quiet beautiful!

  3. Doesn't the condo tower look out of place next to a church? Love the labyrinth courtyard and the stained glass windows. Have a lovely weekend William.

  4. The courtyard looks very peaceful and its walking labyrinth peaceful - it seems an idea place to have a columbarium.

  5. Love the stained glass. Hink I’d rather have my ashes spread under a tree though.

  6. The 2nd and 5th pictures are my favourites!

  7. ...a beautiful place, thanks for taking me along!

  8. There seems to be quite a lot to see and learn about at this church.

  9. It's good that you take advantage of the open door events. This is a very large and ornate facility.

  10. @Linda: this one is a neat one.

    @Denise: indeed!

    @Sami: the condo tower is far enough away from the church itself that it doesn't feel intrusive.

    @Rosemary: it's the only columbarium that I'm familiar with in the city, at least in a church.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Marie: I imagine someday cremation will be the thing for me, but I'd still prefer to be interred.

    @Nancy: they're good ones.

    @Tom: you're welcome.

    @Sharon: there is!

    @RedPat: indeed!

    @Red: I love attending Doors Open.

  11. I like your courtyard shots, William

  12. Looks a bit special to me for a church!

  13. Beautiful church and windows. The yard is also lovely.

  14. Beautiful church! Those courtyard photos are impressive, a very pretty area.

  15. Lovely church.
    The stained glass and the courtyard are amazing.
    Have a happy weekend
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  16. Unfortunately your information about the church selling land to a developer is incorrect. If you are interested in more detail please contact the Cathedral office

  17. @Cloudia: thank you!

    @Gattina: it's quite a church.

    @Orvokki: I certainly think so.

    @Bill: it's well taken care of.

    @Maria: thanks!

    @Unknown: thanks for the correction- I have adjusted my text based on the information I've looked up.

  18. I like the look of that courtyard, very nice.

  19. It looks lovely, I like the stained glass.

  20. I liked the looks of the courtyard. The stained glass photos are always a pleasure.

  21. I love that labyrinth! It would be wonderful if we had more of them in more places and could walk them regularly. They're good for the soul.

  22. I love that inner courtyard!

  23. Love the labyrinth and stone work in the little courtyard ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  24. i love the garden ... oh i see some one called it a court yard ...that is probably a better wording. i appreciate when folks have little spaces they use them so wisely. ( :

  25. The courtyard looks so peaceful... Good place for conversations with God.

  26. Beautiful church and labyrinth, but that giant spider creeps me out! I've seen them in other place, too.

  27. This is a stunning church with beautiful glass. I love the labyrinth but how in the world do they get to the middle with the table there?!

  28. @Marleen: thank you!

    @Jenny: so do I.

    @Mari: stained glass is quite welcome.

    @Kay: that's true.

    @Sandi: it's quite a space.

    @Carol: I do as well.

    @Beth: either one works.

    @Klara: it's a great use of the space.

    @Pat: ah, that's in the next post!

    @Jeanie: since this was a Sunday when I was in, I imagine the table was set up for coffee. Easily removed most of the time.

  29. I would really like to visit Christ Church Cathedral in person, but alas I will not be …
    So I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your photographs, the stained glass windows and the courtyard look so very nice.

    All the best Jan