Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Summertime In The Gardens

The Landscapes Of Canada Gardens have been in place for the last two years at the west side of the property here at the Canadian Museum of Nature. I pass through on a regular basis, and like to feature it here each season. In this case I paid a visit in late August. Four ecosystems are presented with plants and trees drawn from each- boreal forest, prairie grasslands, Arctic tundra, and mammoth steppe. I start here with the boreal forest area, occupied by trees, shrubs, and small plants one would find in the vast section of the country that ecosystem occupies.

The prairie grassland has been growing well this summer in the heat, and of course doesn't just include the tall grass, but flowers one might see growing in the wild.

This steel sculpture, created by artist and inventor Bill Lishman, depicts an iceberg. The path flows beneath it.

Looking up gives us this view.

Arctic tundra plants here are placed amid rocks and have been growing well. They'll tend to grow taller here than they do in the far north.

This view is from the sidewalk seen above, taking in the view towards the museum.

Here we have more of the grasslands flowers and plants. Bees and butterflies were going about while I was here.

The Mammoth Steppe is the last area, with plants around the sculptures of a mammoth family that would have already been growing thousands of years ago during their time, and have survived into the current day. The Common Yarrow is one of those plants.

I close out with a view of the mammoth family and the museum.


  1. Neat place to visit.
    I didn't know common yarrow is an ancient plant. Years ago in a magazine, I saw dry yarrow can be dyed to make a lovely arrangement.

  2. I understand the iceberg better from its view in front of thee museum. The weather looks glorious in these photos.


  3. Beautiful! Especially the last photo ... :)

  4. ...William, I must say that the iceberg looks refreshing on this unseasonably hot day!

  5. @Bergson: a whole lot!

    @MB: I wonder if the mammoths ate it.

    @Janis: I like different angles on the iceberg. This was the first time I did a looking up view.

    @Marianne: definitely.

    @Ella: thank you!

    @Tom: it does!

    @Marie: it is!

  6. It's a beautiful place, and I too didn't realize that yarrow is so ancient. I like that iceberg sculpture. :-)

  7. I loooove it when you show the Museum of Nature and its surrounding areas William, the gardens are indeed fascinating but the building is absolutely glorious ✨

  8. I think I'm a forest creature - I like the trees! ;-)

  9. My favorite is the prairie as I've been able to walk the native undisturbed prairie. The prairie is a mass of flowers like mountain meadows.

  10. The iceberg sculpture is amazing. I didn't know that Common Yarrow was such an ancient plant:)

  11. Neat sculpture, although, down here, that sheet metal would turn blazing hot during the day.

  12. You always find such fascinating place to photograph ~ wonderful post and photos ~ love the elephants sculpture ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores

  13. @DJan: the iceberg is quite a sight to see.

    @Grace: it is quite a grand building.

    @Francisco: thank you!

    @RedPat: and they'll just grow taller by the year.

    @Red: there's quite a mix of plants in these grasslands.

    @Rosie: I wouldn't have either, but apparently everything in that section has existed a long time in the wild.

    @Revrunner: I've felt it on hot days, and it does get that way.

    @Carol: the concept of this garden was a very good one.

  14. You got some great photos on this day! That first one is a stunner. What a gorgeous building.

  15. I love the architecture of the nature museum. The gardens are lovely!

  16. Beautiful place and photos! Thanks, William.

  17. Nice to see the gardens during summer again.
    That shot looking up the iceberg is great.

  18. How could one but like those who created and enjoyed these treasures in their national place of honor!

  19. This looks like a great place to visit. The flowers are lovely and I really like the elephant...and wooly mammoth?

  20. I believe I may have said this before but you have so many wonderful museums where you live. Lucky you!

  21. Very big and impressive museum. So nice to walk and enjoy the many beautiful flowers and sculptures.

  22. A great place to visit.
    There is so much to see in this beautiful country of ours!

  23. I love these! I think we're headed out this afternoon, for a drive. I need a change.

  24. So lovely to see this place through your photographs - thank you.

    All the best Jan

  25. @Sharon: it is quite a museum.

    @Jeanie: I quite agree.

    @Bill: You're welcome.

    @Jan: thank you!

    @Cloudia: indeed!

    @Michelle: mammoths, the whole lot of them.

    @Catalyst: we have a great many museums.

    @Nancy: it is a wonderful building.

    @Catarina: that's true!

    @Jennifer: a drive is good.

    @Jenn: there have been quite a lot of them in the garden this year.

    @Jan: you're welcome.

    @Beth: they are!

    @Klara: definitely.