Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Gift To The Canadian People

The Abbey as a folly certainly does evoke the ruin of an ancient building, even though it's not. King would have enjoyed strolling out here on a regular basis.

I started back towards Moorside.

Closer to the house, some other salvaged pieces lie on the ground, or are propped up. Over at the left two of those pieces are to be found, while this is standing. Given their common elements- unicorns and lions- these are likely sections King might have acquired after the original Centre Block was destroyed by fire. Rather than incorporate them into something like the Abbey, he left them as they were.

Here we have another perspective of Moorside, with its extensive kitchen area in the foreground. Out of sight to my right is the garage, which houses a small cafe, hence the terrace area. I hadn't noticed the dog there until I started putting these posts together.

I came back around the other side of the house. Part of the main floor is given over to a tea room. Samples of the menu are posted by the door for lunch or a proper high tea.

Here's a look inside. The main windows face out over the gardens. In King's day, this would have been his living and dining room, I expect, given the location in the house and the size of the space.

Back outside, I photographed the house again.

Then I turned and photographed towards the meadow and the woods.

Here we have the path heading back to Kingswood, or to the parking lot, which lies among the trees at the right. I was on my way out of here. For the next two days, I'll be wrapping up this fall series by showing you the first place I stopped at during my trip into the Gatineau Hills.


  1. Beautiful stroll in the park. A nice place to stop over for high tea and then enjoy the autumn colours.

  2. Oh... a "Vinyl Dog" :-)
    The rays of light are beautiful, too.

  3. The tree colours along the pathway heading back to Kingswood are really beautiful.

  4. That old house is gorgeous and it's very nice they've rearranged things to provide sustenance for the visitors. The last photo is a special tribute to the beauty of autumn. Well done!

  5. I like that folly, William. Did you show this before or was that another folly?

  6. So dramatic with the sun shining through. That last photo with the trio walking away is a perfect ending.


  7. ...a beautiful peaceful place.

  8. This is a lovely peaceful place. I wonder if King's spirit is haunting the folly? I certainly hope so.

  9. @Nancy: it's a wonderful place to spend time in.

    @Joan: so do I.

    @Iris: they are!

    @Rosemary: I agree.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Lowell: thank you!

    @Jan: yes, when I visited here last in the spring, I included the Abbey in my posts.

    @Janis: I thought it quite appropriate.

    @Tom: it certainly is.

    @Shammickite: there is a ghost story from a retired journalist a few years after King died- he visited the estate one day, sat on a bench here, and had a conversation with King. It's a whimsical sort of story.

  10. I was wondering also if King was still wandering around these beautiful gardens William, they would be hard to leave ✨

  11. That last picture is so lovely. It's a beautiful place. :-)

  12. If I ever make it to Ottawa, I want it to be in the fall -- and I want to visit this site. It ticks all my boxes of a wonderful place to be.

  13. Love that last pic! He made a beautiful spot for himself there, William!

  14. Popular place with all kinds of people in your photos.

  15. That last photo looks so appealing. A long walk along a path lined with fall colors. Wonderful.

  16. @Grace: I've never seen his ghost, but you can see the appeal of sticking around for eternity!

    @DJan: it certainly is.

    @Jeanie: I agree!

    @RedPat: he really did.

    @Red: there were a good number of people there.

    @Sharon: I found it so myself, and so figured it was good to end with that shot.

  17. A very beautiful place especially this time of year. I love your last photo, it is perfect ending for the day. Fantastic images, William.
    Thank you.

  18. So many wonderful photo opportunities in this place.

  19. love all the arches and awesomeness!! ( ;
    way cool.

  20. What marvelous stone work and another lovely place and photos ~ thanks!

    Happy Day to you, Jeanna ~
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  21. Splendid photos William. I enjoyed them all as always but loved the second photo of the archway.

  22. Such beautiful photos. Love the colors and the archway.

  23. Looks like way too much walking for an oldster like me. Which makes me all the more grateful to you for showing it all to us, William.

  24. @Bill: you're welcome!

    @Lois: there really are.

    @Beth: I love that too.

    @Carol: a pleasure to show it.

    @Denise: thank you!

    @Happyone: so do I.

    @Catalyst: it's a pleasure to do so.

  25. Those follies are really wonderful. The whole place, the setting, the buildings, is spectacular.

  26. Beautiful place, love the autumn colours. That last photo is fabulous!

  27. The house and grounds look beautiful especially so at this time of year:)

  28. The folly is very cool. But then I love outdoor art, as you know!

  29. Oh, William, I just love your last photograph …

    All the best Jan

  30. @Kay: I agree!

    @Sami: thanks!

    @Rosie: they do indeed.

    @Italiafinlandia: definitely!

    @Klara: that it is.

    @Jennifer: I agree.

    @Jan: thank you!