Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Three Gardens And The Follies

This view from out front at Moorside takes in the low stone wall separating the lawn from the meadow area. The woods in the background were in their full fall colours.

I headed over towards the gardens.

King envisioned three distinct flowering gardens descending this slope towards the trees. The flowers of the first two gardens are listed here- the formal French style and the informal English gardens. Panels like this are found on the estate grounds, detailing historical or architectural features.

Turning around, here's another view of the house.

This gives you a view towards the gardens. The French garden, with its geometric shapes, is in the foreground.

Note the doggie in this shot, walking his human among the garden paths.

This is the heart of the French garden. The shelter like structure you see over the bench in the background is actually a wooden art installation, overseen this past summer by a local artist, Marc Walter.

The English garden is by tradition less formal, dominated by perennials, and this view up slope shows where we've been.

At the base of the lawn, close to the treeline, is one of the follies here on the estate. A folly is defined as an ornamental building or structure with no practical purpose, and some of that is found here. King was a man of contrasts- a Scots Presbyterian who had an interest in spiritualism, a bachelor with a sentimental streak. He liked to purchase sections of architecture that were being demolished and put them to use in different ways. This is how A Window On The Forest, as it is called, happened to end up here. Once part of the British American Bank Note Company in Ottawa, this is from a building that was being demolished in 1936. King salvaged the pieces and had them reassembled here. It's a deliberate location, as beyond the folly is the rock garden- a hardy bed of flowers appearing, especially at a distance, to emerge from the bedrock. 

Nearby is a bench, which has the look of a stone fireplace half buried in the soil. 

I looked back up slope towards the house. Off to the right, the garage can be seen.

Today I finish off with another of the follies. The Arc de Triomphe was also taken from the former British American building in Ottawa and reassembled here. The masonry combines King's love of nature and love of classical style architecture, serving as a symbolic gateway to the estate. It also serves as a nod to his 1935 return to the prime minister's job, a return carrying on until his retirement from office in 1948.


  1. Ohhh, the "Window On The Forest" is just wonderful, the idea is great. So many interests that man had!
    You leave me with a smile here.

  2. Beautiful autumn colours and I love that folly in the last shot.

  3. That's a real nice place for a walk !

  4. The autumn colours are lovely! So pleasing to the eyes!

  5. That last photo really feels like Europe. Well, the whole shoot has an "old world" feel.


  6. Hello, lovely property and gardens. The fall colors are beautiful. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  7. ...the grounds are a blaze of color in autumn.

  8. Love the various gardens. Great place for a stroll!

  9. Those panels are really useful. I love those follies. They add such visual interest -- almost makes me want to go build a folly. I think it would look bad in the back yard though! I've loved this series at the King property. I'll be sad it's over.

  10. @Iris: he was quite a character.

    @Lady Fi: so do I.

    @Gattina: it definitely is.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Nancy: I quite agree.

    @Janis: it does indeed.

    @Eileen: thank you!

    @Tom: they certainly are.

    @Anvilcloud: I've enjoyed showing it.

    @Marie: they are a delight.

    @Jeanie: there's still a couple more days of the estate.

  11. I like the idea of repurposing architectural details of buildings that are being demolished, especially that huge arch. And I really like the photo with the golden tree and the girls in their pink jackets, love the contrast of colour.

  12. Those gardens are awesome with the beautiful fall colours.

  13. Fabulous! This is a wonderful place, William.

  14. What an abundance of photo opportunities with all those gorgeous trees around.

  15. I will have to read a King biography. I had no idea that he was rich and could throw money around.

  16. Another beautiful place and gorgeous Autumn colors ~ neat photos!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Expores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  17. The colors are great and I even saw a few blooming flowers

  18. @Shammickite: he had quite an imagination!

    @Jan: they certainly are.

    @RedPat: it really is.

    @Sharon: definitely!

    @Red: he worked for a few years as a lawyer for the Rockefellers. That would have been quite profitable.

    @Carol: thank you!

    @MB: yes, a few late bloomers!

  19. Beautiful gardens and it’s such a great time of the year to take a walk around with all the gorgeous autumn colors!

  20. The grounds are lovely especially surrounded by the autumn colour.

  21. What a beautiful place to wander around in!

  22. I like the idea of a folly. I have come across a couple of them myself.
    Beautiful gardens also.

  23. Stone walls and fall colors and beautiful homes and gardens. It's splendiforous!

  24. @Karl: they came out beautifully this year.

    @Tamago: it certainly is.

    @Bill: I quite agree.

    @Cloudia: thank you!

    @Lois: it really is that.

    @Jenn: I like the concept too.

    @Lowell: I agree!

  25. The folly is an interesting structure.
    Beautiful Autumn colours!

  26. A fascinating tour, William. I love the follies scattered on the grounds.

  27. Slow start to fall this year, but it's finishing fine.

  28. A very enjoyable stroll in the park... : )

  29. The gardens are wonderful; the backdrop of the trees makes them stunning.

  30. Great autumn color and I like the follies! Interesting idea, using sections of architecture that were being demolished.

  31. I think King was a true romantic at heart William ✨

  32. Oh WOW William … the Autumn colours are beautiful, and I do like that folly.
    A wonderful post, thank you.

    All the best Jan

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  34. @Marleen: I agree!

    @Catalyst: so do I.

    @Revrunner: we had a good fall.

    @Catarina: quite so indeed!

    @Kay: they do!

    @Linda: it is!

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