Saturday, December 22, 2018


Picking up where I left off yesterday, I found myself photographing dogs watching the parade.

The Ceremonial Guard takes part in the parade each year too. These are the soldiers who do the Changing of the Guard ceremony each day on Parliament Hill. This time of year they add grey wool coats to their uniform.

More canine adorableness.

I stepped up onto the steps of a church along the way to get a wider view.

The parade carried on into the Glebe neighbourhood.

This cutie caught my eye.

There is a group of greyhound owners who always march in this and the St. Patrick's Day parade with their dogs, outfitted in Christmas attire. Here we have them closing in on the end of the route.

And so they turned into Lansdowne Park with the rest of the parade. I wonder how many treats they got afterwards for putting up with being dressed like this.


  1. I think that the dogs - even the greyhounds - escape with rather more dignity than some of the human dressers-up you showed us yesterday. Strange how many traditions have become attached to Christmas over the years.

  2. All those dressed up dogs, should they really like it? Or only their bosses...

  3. I too will be taking pictures of the dogs.

  4. ...I like The Ceremonial Guard best, Merry Christmas William.

  5. My husband and I always notice the dogs too.

  6. I will confess to never having seen a Christmas parade before, William, and so it was fun to see the human and canine costumes in this post and the previous one.

  7. Hello, looks like a fun time and parade. I love all the dogs, they are all cuties. I want to thank you for all the visits and comments on my blog this past year. I am looking forward to visiting your blog in 2019. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

  8. I love the dogs, too, especially those greyhounds in drag. I missed your post yesterday so I had to go back and read it again. :-)

  9. Those dogs all look like they are wondering what the heck is going on. I love the English bulldog. It reminds me of the one I grew up with.

  10. Some of the dogs look as if they would like to get moving and don't understand why they are standing around! The greyhounds are so calm.

  11. I have never seen dogs wearing shoes before.

  12. In my opinion it's very unnatural to dress up dogs.
    The parade is impressive!

  13. Those beautiful long gray jackets are better suited to the members of the music community than the clothes the dogs wear.

  14. It was interesting to enlarge the photos and catch some more details.

  15. Neat photos. The dogs are adorable. I like the dog jackets and boots. They may not look great, but they do help the dog. The fashion choices, however...Dogs are not dolls.

  16. @John: that's quite true!

    @Marianne: only their bosses.

    @Nancy: I can't resist!

    @Tom: they look quite dignified. I'm quite used to them in summer, when we see the most of them, but I've seen them as part of this parade repeatedly, and as part of Remembrance Day as well.

    @Anvilcloud: they're quite neat dogs.

    @Marie: I tend to look for them in a parade. I didn't photograph it, but at one point late in the route I noticed one of the greyhounds go over to say hello to a dog on the sidelines.

    @Beatrice: I think I've taken this parade in each year at least since starting the photoblog.

    @Eileen: you're welcome.

    @DJan: thank you!

    @Sharon: I have a particular fondness for bulldogs.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @RedPat: I would love to know what dogs thought of it all.

    @Rosemary: actually it's quite sensible to do so. The pads of their feet are basically just skin, no protection, and if you're walking a dog in the city, there's road salt to consider. That can be quite irritating to a dog's feet, so it's a good idea to boot them up. They don't like it, mind you.

    @Marleen: I think so too.

    @Jan: that's true!

    @Red: thanks!

    @Maywyn: I agree.

  17. I love the dogs watching the parade...and you captured their spirits well. Dogs or any animals dressed up in costumes leave me cold...but dressed to protect them from the elements is ok. Thanks for a very interesting look at the parade.

  18. I love seeing the dogs. I think some of them are puzzled and wonder where the treats are. :)

  19. First blog I looked at this morning and I find a wonderful parade through a great neighborhood
    with Fabulous Gud Dugs ! Thank You so much

    cheers, parsnip and badger

  20. :)

    Those elf dogs are like, "Yay."

  21. I enjoyed seeing these cute dogs as well as the parade! I hope the greyhound dogs got tons of treats :-)

  22. I don’t really understand the current fashion for dressing dogs. But it looks cold out there and like the soldiers they probably need a nice warm coat. I sure would.

  23. Lordy, it looks so cold. No wonder that we have been inundated by Canadians from Toronto and Ottawa! I agree with you about Ebeneezer...ol' Scrooge is my hero these days.

  24. @Barbara: some dogs do need a coat.

    @Bill: I think you're right!

    @Parsnip: you're welcome.

    @Sandi: I think so!

    @Tamago: hopefully!

    @Joan: some dogs are shaggy enough, but I see others that you can see are shivering if waiting outside a store for their human, and those ones should have something on.

    @Lowell: cold is a good thing!

  25. the Christmas decorations are pleasant, restrained - not tacky and those seasonal coats are a change - but no, don't wear one! It is a time of different reactions, perhaps mine is stress and a bit of introspection but the show must go on and that keeps me on track. All the best to you.

  26. Dogs in coats and shoes! Domestication gone amuck. :-)

    1. Dogs in coats if it is cold and shoes if salt is used for the roads

  27. I guess dogs enjoy a parade too.
    I always feel sorry for dogs that people dress up! : )

  28. I'll bet those wool coats and tall hats came in handy on this cold day. I know it's making an insensitive judgement based on his appearance but that bulldog doesn't look very friendly. And if his name is Gangster he may not be.

  29. i love the doggie faces ... so cute. what fun times. i bet it was a blast. ( ;

  30. What a super idea to capture the expressions of the dogs as the parade passed by:)

  31. That's a nice parade ! I love to see them especially in old historic uniforms. The dogs are real cute they all wear shoes, probably necessary against the salt on the streets !

  32. Oh, it was rather nice seeing those dogs.
    Many thanks William.

    All the best Jan

  33. Poor dogs... The outfits are ugly!

  34. @Julia: thank you.

    @Revrunner: true.

    @Parsnip: that's true.

    @Happyone: me too!

    @Catalyst: he was adorable.

    @Beth: a photographer's dream.

    @Rosie: I just wonder what they were thinking.

    @Gattina: that it is.

    @Jan: you're welcome.

    @Jeanie: thank you!

    @Klara: indeed.