Saturday, December 1, 2018

City Daily Photo Theme Day: Joy

The first day of each month is a theme day for members of City Daily Photo. For December, that theme is Joy, and you can see how others are interpreting this theme here.

For this theme, I felt that Miwate fit the requirements of the theme, as it was joyful to watch. That was the name of a music and light show done by the production company Moment Factory in collaboration with the Anishinaabe First Nation, held in the fall of 2017 as part of the Canada 150 celebrations. It involved illuminating the Chaudiere Falls, which stand in the heart of the Ottawa River between Ottawa and Gatineau, in a ten minute show that carried on through the evenings and was quite popular. The lights, mounted upon the dam behind the falls and other spots, brought the waterfalls to vivid life. Miwate captured the imagination of visitors, and I visited on numerous occasions. These shots were from one of those evenings, and I left them aside for future use. I also filmed videos; if you'd like to see one, click here, though you might want to turn the volume down somewhat- the audio on that camera was a bit harsh.


  1. Light shows are becoming very popular these days. No wonder, they are a joy to watch.

  2. Hello, beautiful images from the light show. Lovely display! Have a happy day and weekend!

  3. These light shows make for some interesting shots especially in such a scenic situation.

  4. Hello William!
    Great captures of the light shows!
    How beautiful and impressive it looks!
    The colors are amazing! Thank you for sharing!
    Have a lovely day and a happy weekend!

  5. Joy for December is perfect! The light show does bring joy seeing your photos.

  6. There are certainly photographic advantages to living where you do.

  7. That must have been great to see.

  8. Splendid photos, William. That would be a wonderful experience.

  9. @Joan: they are!

    @Eileen: thank you.

    @Rosemary: I agree.

    @Tom: very much so.

    @Aritha: thanks!

    @Dimi: you're welcome.

    @Maywyn: it does indeed.

    @Anvilcloud: I live about a twenty minute walk from the falls.

    @Sharon: it was.

    @Jeanie: definitely.

  10. Looooved the video and the soundtrack William, must have been spectacular to see live ✨

  11. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  12. Joyful for sure and just what we need to see at this time of year!

  13. Lots of added color to the falls. I didn't watch the video , but I imagine the lights were flashing!

  14. Oh, I love to see all those colors on this grey December day! (December already!!)

  15. Beautiful indeed! The video was fantastic to see, thank you for sharing, William.

  16. @Grace: I enjoyed it each time I went to see it.

    @DJan: you're welcome.

    @RedPat: quite so!

    @Nancy: definitely!

    @Catarina: thanks!

    @Red: they were!

    @Iris: the year is vanishing quickly.

    @Jan: I certainly thought so.

    @Bill: it was a pleasure to do so.

    @MB: it was!

  17. Gorgeous, and definitely joyful.
    My take on joy is the fact that my oldest grandie's (age 10) hockey team won a championship tournament last weekend and they all took turns dancing round the locker room with the big "silver" cup.... not really silver! That was definitely joy!

  18. Wonderful photo of the marvelous light show ~ Wow!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  19. Color and light...nice ways to experience joy.

  20. Such lovely images from the light show, the colours are so good.

    Happy December Wishes to you.

    All the best Jan

  21. It must have been beautiful to watch.

  22. There was a light show running for ten nights in downtown Scottsdale recently. One who spent a couple of nights down there said it was impressive.

  23. i am liking the green lights. very cool. ( ;
    happy weekend.

  24. @Shammickite: good for them!

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Jim: thank you.

    @Marleen: indeed!

    @Carol: thanks!

    @Kay: that they are.

    @Jan: I agree.

    @happyone: the event was a pleasure to see.

    @Catalyst: there is a winter one projected onto Centre Block this month.

    @Beth: they are something.

    @Klara: thank you!

  25. I associate the coloured lights with joy! Great choice.

  26. Wonderful lights, they woud bring joy to everyone:)

  27. I remember that one! Wish I could go!

  28. @Marie: thanks!

    @Linda: that it was.

    @Rosie: they did to me.

    @Klara: that it was.

    @Jennifer: I enjoyed it each time I saw it.