Thursday, December 20, 2018


This happens to be a leftover shot from last December, taken after Christmas. I went into the National Arts Centre one evening and photographed the Christmas lights outside. The blue lights within reflected themselves on the glass.

The rest of these are from recent weeks. The main Hudson's Bay department store is downtown, linked to the Rideau Centre. Once again the chain is selling these Christmas suits, a step up from the traditional Ugly Christmas Sweater. Somebody must be buying these- I've seen the odd person (emphasis on odd) wearing one in recent weeks, and I recall a couple of street buskers back on Canada Day kitted out in them. But wearing one of these? That would be my idea of hell.

This is the display in one of The Bay's outside windows, feeling very Canadian.

Inside the Rideau Centre itself, the decorations include a lit up reindeer.

In the open spaces, large ornaments hang, with gold and silver lights illuminating them.

The Christmas tree is in another open area, seen from below and above in these shots.

Ottawa City Hall has a display at present in one of the large open areas of the more contemporary wing of the premises. 

Here we have a Christmas tree inside an office building lobby downtown.

The World Exchange is another office building, and features a Christmas tree at its ground floor. It's set among permanent decorations- hanging sculptures of belugas and narwhals. There are five of them in this space surrounded by restaurants on the second floor. The three belugas are most visible here, while one of the narwhals can be seen in the background. The last narwhal is mostly hidden behind the tree.

Another office building, with Christmas decorating in the form of a sleigh. This is a block over from the World Exchange. In the background the building features a vertical garden.

And I finish for today with this wreath hanging on a gate at a home in Centretown.


  1. "Leftovers", nicely said!
    But, oh my.... People really do wear such suits?! They hurt other people´s eyes!
    The boat is much prettier. As the other illuminations. To be honest I´d like to keep those till spring!

  2. Both the outdoor and indoor Christmas display are beautiful! Have a happy day!

  3. I have to say that Christmas decorations in Western cities look all the same ! Shirts we don't have yet, but pullovers with Father Christmas, snowmen etc have meanwhile arrived here too.

  4. I never dress in Christmas stuff not even small things like ear rings.

  5. I have actually seen a lot of people in those crazy suits. Nice display of decorations you've shared today. The comment above mine is pretty interesting....


  6. I like those silver and gold lit big balls.
    Not meant as a Christmas present, I presume, but in the Netherlands Hudson's Bay is selling baseball caps with the text "Make Canada great Again".

  7. I think the jackets must be inspired by that Icon of Idiosy, Don Cherry.

  8. Lovely photos
    The holiday jacket is disturbing to see on the rack. A person wearing one might not be so much. Tis the jolly season, in all the facets of jolly.:)

  9. I enjoyed the various decorations, especially the reindeer. And you are right about those outfits being rather tacky. :-)

  10. @Iris: I've seen one or two in recent weeks, probably being worn for an office Christmas party.

    @Nancy: thank you!

    @Gattina: the Ugly Sweater is something that's been around a long time.

    @Joan: about the only thing I could see myself wearing might be a Christmas tie. Of course I've pretty much forgotten how to tie a tie.

    @Francisco: thank you!

    @Janis: ah, the Gmail sign up spammer? Banished to the spam blogs. I have no idea why that worthless bastard keeps spamming people. I've repeatedly written very nasty remarks in his posts suggesting he take a long walk off a short plank.

    @Tom: it is, yes.

    @Jan: the decorations in that mall are nicely done, I think. I hadn't seen such hats here.

    @David: no doubt he'd love them.

    @Maywyn: they are very weird!

    @DJan: outrageously tacky!

  11. i am totally curious how much those suit jackets are? i would totally rock them .. if they fit that is?? if you dressed down on the pants and shoes u could totally look awesome!! i am curious how many folks did buy them? were they very $$$? such fashionable choices!! lol!! fun Christmas decor. ( ;

  12. No to those suits. I won't even have one those sweaters. I must say that I don't get it.

  13. Lovely decorations in the mall but those suits take the cake. I don't think I've seen anything quite that ugly.

  14. It seems that Christmas decorating has gone over the top. Everything is decorated and new decorations are created.

  15. Those suits are just too much! Other photos of decorations are all so elegant and beautiful ~ ^_^

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  16. @Beth: I can't recall the price, but it wasn't overly pricey- though for a suit you might wear once or twice a year (and I never would), it probably wouldn't do.

    @Anvilcloud: neither do I, but then 90% of my wardrobe is black.

    @Sharon: they're in a class of ugly all their own.

    @Red: that's true.

    @Carol: thanks!

  17. I love the whales swimming around a tree...a juxtaposition of something less-than-ordinary with the seasonal decorations.

  18. Oh, come on, William - those are fabulous jackets. I can imagine me wearing one down at the Olde Ruptured Ducke... Have a fabulous Christmas!

  19. The trees are so festive -- especially the red one. You found lots of decorations!

  20. I would think that they have a lot of those jackets left after the Christmas season. Love all of the decorations that you showed us, William.

  21. How lovely the white/silver light decorations are. I can only imagine those suits worn on stage for a Christmas show:)

  22. Great big city Christmas decorations..all beautiful...I especially like the one that makes the permanently installed whale sculptures seem like part of the decoration! And the one window celebrating a Canadian winter/Christmas. The Christmas suits leave me speechless. Beyond comprehension that anyone would actually wear one, let alone pay for it! Crazy!

  23. The displays are gorgeous. The festive jacket is definitely the style that Don Cherry would wear. :)

  24. I may well resist the lure of one of those suits, though I do have a Christmas tie - one that doesn't play a tune thank goodness!

  25. You must have a good sense of humour to wear one of those suits.

  26. @Barbara: I seem to photograph that each year. The whales swimming around are what makes it work so well.

    @Mike: I'd be bound for the funny farm if I ever willingly wore one of those!

    @Sharon: that tree has a whole lot of red lights.

    @RedPat: I would have thought that after last year, but for them to bring it back this year means that they would have sold enough of it to bring it back.

    @Mari: thank you!

    @Rosie: I could see a stand up comedian wearing one.

    @Sallie: the whales and Christmas tree strangely suit each other.

    @Bill: yes, but of course he has horrible fashion tastes (and doesn't realize it).

    @John: a Christmas tie is about the only thing I would go for.

    @Fun60: or you're a glutton for punishment!

  27. Beautiful trees. Those suits are a bit over the top. : )

  28. The displays I show are so beautiful. I love all of them although I think (somewhat ironically for me) my favorite is the wreath on the gate at the end! Rick would hate those jackets too although on FB I saw a post from Decor to Adore blog and somehow she got her husband to wear one of those. And with a friend. I say those guys are either really brave or really crazy!

  29. A Merry Christmas kinda post. And I am with you---those suits are only for the very odd


  30. Great shots! The lights are fantastic.

  31. Your photographs of the display, trees, lights etc are wonderful.

    Christmas Jumpers are quite popular … but I'm not too sure about Christmas suits!

    All the best Jan

  32. Such lovely decor!!!
    "I've seen the odd person (emphasis on odd) " ROFL!

  33. @Happyone: very much so.

    @Jeanie: I'd have to have a gun to my head, and even then I'd say no to wearing one.

    @MB: very odd.

    @Sandi: thanks.

    @Jan: I haven't seen them this year.

    @Jennifer: way too odd, even for me.

    @Marie: if by quite something you mean wretchedly awful, then yes. :)

    @Italiafinlandia: something crazy.

    @Klara: thank you.