Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Most Beautiful Chamber

I start today with more shots around the Library Of Parliament. I think that this space is the most beautiful room in the National Capital Region.

The panels here include this one referencing a procession outside Parliament in 1927 after the death of U.S. Army pilot Lieutenant Thad Johnson, who died in a plane crash at what was Hunt Club Field and is today the grounds of the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport, while escorting Charles Lindbergh to Ottawa as part of a twelve plane escort tour for the famed pilot around North America.

This one is more recent, and includes some of the statistics of the building. Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is signing the Japanese Canadian Redress Agreement in 1988, an acknowledgment of the internment of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War.

One last look inside the Library, though I have kept an extra shot stashed away in a Victoria Day post for next May.

Back out in the Hall of Honour, I photographed some of the details, including this stained glass window.

And then there was this carving as part of the wall.

A large memorial plaque was nearby. It pretty much absorbed the light (I didn't think of switching on flash), making reading it impossible on a photograph, but fortunately it has a companion beside it with the same inscription.

The inscription in English and French notes that it is in memory of Bowman Brown Law, a Nova Scotia MP who died in the fire that destroyed the first Centre Block. I will be carrying on with this series, picking up in the Senate foyer. There's an event here late in the afternoon that I plan on attending, and depending on how many photos I take, I might have that tomorrow and then return to this series the following day. If I'm only taking one or two shots, I'll add them to the Ottawa Daily Photo Facebook page this evening.


  1. The stained glass window is interesting.

  2. Beautiful handiwork, so glad the library was rescued.

  3. Hello William!
    Great post and beautiful pictures from the library.
    Like the stained glass window and the wood carvings.
    Have a happy Thursday!

  4. Very impressive library with all the wood carvings and statues, really beautiful!

  5. You got a thorough look. On my tour, we were allowed to briefly poke our heads in the door.

  6. love the stain glass windows! love the rose or whatever it is in those are called in the design in the wall. way cool. wood carvings ... i see above. ( ;

  7. Hello, it is a gorgeous library. So many beautiful details. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  8. So many incredible details William, the wood carvings are extraordinary. Such a special space, as a lover of books and libraries this is my idea of heaven ☺

  9. @Joan: it is. It's relatively new.

    @Iris: as am I.

    @Dimi: thank you!

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Sami: I certainly agree.

    @Anvilcloud: it depends, I expect, on when a visit is made. The last time I made this tour, late last year, it was a working day, so we were inside for a brief time, and there were people working in this area. We were to keep silent, which we did.

    @Beth: the attention to detail is incredible.

    @Eileen: thank you.

    @Grace: mine too!

  10. Oh that would be wonderful to see in person. Love the smell of a library!

  11. I just saw Brian Mulroney yesterday at Bush's funeral service. He is still a very active and interesting person. And it is a beautiful place, indeed. :-)

  12. That's indeed beautiful with great wood carvings and a wonderful stained glass window.

  13. I love the stained glass flag, William.

  14. I agree that the library is a very beautiful room. The rich wood texture creates a warm atmosphere.

  15. @Janey: it's quite a sight to see in person.

    @DJan: yes, I'd heard he was going to do a eulogy.

    @Jan: it certainly is.

    @Tom: definitely!

    @RedPat: so do I.

    @Red: it does, yes.

    @Sharon: indeed!

  16. It's the most beautiful indeed. The woodwork is amazing!

  17. Such craftsmanship in that library!

  18. This library is really very beautiful !

  19. Books are beautiful things, and a library like that is an appropriate place to house them. Some wonderful wood-carving worthy of being in a cathedral.

  20. Oh, how I would love to see that in real life. Thanks for Posting. Tweeted.

  21. @Tamago: definitely.

    @Bill: I agree!

    @Marie: very much so!

    @Gattina: that it is.

    @John: it definitely is.

    @Mari: you're welcome.

  22. Rich wood, shelves of books -- my idea of a heavenly place!

  23. Oh, you know how to get to me! Just show me a gorgeous library like that. I'm reminded of visiting the British Library when it was on Russell Square in London.

  24. Never thought of Canada having a library of Parliament. Why not? We have a library of Congress.
    Coffee is on

  25. Wow. This is a very spectacular building. Thanks for sharing these terrific photos (and I respect your need to keep one back for the future!)

  26. The woodworking and the iron railings are extraordinary. Did you mention whether Queen Victoria ever saw this library? What a wonderful place!

  27. @Sharon: mine too!

    @Catalyst: libraries appeal to me.

    @Dora: this one's a splendid one, though smaller of course than the Library of Congress.

    @Angie: I actually took some photos last Victoria Day of a ceremony outside that I figured I would leave for next year, so it seemed appropriate to add a shot of Victoria to that post too.

    @Kay: no, she never crossed the ocean. Some of her children did come to Canada. I imagine it's possible that she might have seen photographs of the interior at some point or another.

  28. It is definitely most beautiful and lovely photography!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  29. Love all the wood and carvings, it's a splendid room:)

  30. This is impressive, but so harmonious.

  31. Such history! I like binge viewing your posts, as you take us on special tours!

  32. @Carol: thank you!

    @Rosie: it is!

    @Italiafinlandia: quite so.

    @Klara: me too.

    @Jennifer: thanks!