Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A Passage Through Time

The 19th century and early twentieth century saw changes in Guelph, documented in panels within the museum.

This is a scale model of The Priory. A second larger one resides in Riverside Park. The original was John Galt's first home in the city. These models were created by Walter and David Cowan, a pair of architect brothers.

Panels examine the multitude of churches and other religious establishments in the city.

Long before white settlement, First Nations peoples lived among the rivers known today as the Speed, the Eramosa, and the Grand. Their presence is still here, and the museum has panels and artifacts of their story.

This item of clothing caught my eye.

Guelph residents have served in the Canadian military for over a century, and into the present day.

Over time the city demographics have changed. The menorah candlestick in this display reflects that. There's a synagogue in the city that I missed, one that I was relatively close to.

I liked the look of this clock.

I find myself wondering what the sisters who established the convent would make of its current use as a museum. I have more from here tomorrow.


  1. The model made me smile. My diploma was the market-hall in Braunschweig, oh, I had to solder to finish the model - and I´m truly afraid of hot stuff.

  2. Interesting to see the models and costumes.

  3. ...when you miss things on a trip, they are meant for your return trip.

  4. I love scale models, especially the person who does the math!


  5. I always feel rather cheated when I enter a museum only to be confronted with endless display boards to read, so it's nice that they have plenty of artefacts too. I liked the old museums where there was no explanatory material at all; they paid a curator to remember all that stuff and tell those visitors who wanted to know.

  6. The scale model of the Priory looks very detailed.

  7. I think the sisters of the old convent would be happy to know this wonderful building is being so well well William ✨

  8. @Iris: it would be beyond my skill.

    @Nancy: it is, yes.

    @Tom: that's true!

    @Janis: good point!

    @John: I rather like display panels.

    @Marleen: it does indeed.

    @Grace: I think so too.

  9. I also think the nuns would approve of the museum. Interesting information about the First Nations people.

  10. Interesting ! Nuns were very much involved into education, poor children, they mostly were very cruel women. Two of my friends had a terrible childhood because of them, they were in a boarding school !

  11. I think the nuns would be happy with this use!

  12. The sisters would be enthusiastic about the museum.

  13. I think the sisters would like that it is a museum!
    Great pictures and very interesting.

  14. @DJan: thank you!

    @Gattina: I grew up Protestant, so nuns were a distant concept.

    @Marie: so do I.

    @RedPat: it's a good use.

    @Italiafinlandia: I think so.

    @Happyone: thank you!

  15. It's nice to have places like this where history can be told.

  16. Great exhibits. I like the scale model.

  17. always enjoy uniforms, churches or homes ... very cool. what a great day. ( ;

  18. Nice to see the different clothing. The clock is nice, I like it.

  19. There is a lot to see and digest in this museum.

  20. Amazing Museum There - Thanx For The Photo Tour - Pretty Damn Cool


  21. I love museums that tell a city's story.

  22. @Sharon: it is indeed.

    @Tamago: so do I.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Beth: thank you.

    @Anvilcloud: I did.

    @Bill: I like it too.

    @Fun60: there is indeed.

    @Padre: you're welcome.

    @Jeanie: I do too.

  23. Quite history display ~ I like the 'turtle like' cloth ~

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  24. A museum to visit. My grandmother had a cape like that.

  25. It looks like another great museum. A good second life for the convent.

  26. I am impressed by the scale model of the priory.

  27. The Gathering Place is a strong piece of work.

  28. You really managed to pack a lot into your trip!
    Well done.

  29. @Carol: I did too.

    @Maywyn: I enjoyed the visit.

    @Kay: it certainly is.

    @Michelle: me too.

    @Joanne: I think so.

    @Jennifer: I did!

  30. Nice to see all of your photographs, I especially liked the clock.

    All the best Jan