Friday, August 2, 2019

The Summer Walk Inside A Garden

The Landscapes Of Canada Gardens are on the west side of the property at the Canadian Museum of Nature. Consisting of four ecosystems from across Canada with a multitude of plants from each, the Gardens look different each time you visit. I like to photograph it at least once in a given season to document it over time. These photographs are from a July visit. I approached into the Boreal Forest section, with the museum in the background. Plants and trees of that environment are placed here and are in full summer colour at the moment.

Prairie Grassland is the next ecosystem. Flowers and grasses have been planted and have been particularly growing well this year.

The pathway leads through this sculpture by Bill Lishman of a stylized iceberg.

Taken from the sidewalk, this features a view of the museum and iceberg. The plants in the foreground constitute those of the third ecosystem, Arctic Tundra, with shrubs and grasses of the far north that do well in Ottawa, mixed amid rock.

A section of tiles lies nearby with names of people who have made donations to the museum over time.

Some more of the plants and wildflowers.

The path moves into its last stage, the Mammoth Steppe, where plants that were around in the ice age and are still around today are placed near three sculptures of a mammoth family.


  1. I love the combination of showing the beauty of nature in it´s lush green and making people aware with the sculpture(s).

  2. William - you are talking my language - I love a garden! I hope one day my garden looks like that prairie!

  3. Favourite photo is the prairie grass in front of the museum. Loved the lighting.

  4. Ein schöner Garten mit einer interessanten Skulptur vom Eisberg. Schön auch die großen Mammuts.


  5. I prefer the elephants by far to the modern thing iceberg !

  6. Nice garden to stroll in and great sculptures to see.

  7. ...the views of the museum with the iceberg and grasses is wonderful.

  8. Enjoyed the walk William. The Museum of Nature is a gorgeous building. Loved the shot with museum and sculpture together, super composition ✨

  9. That iceberg sculpture looks so creative.


  10. There are icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland this late in the year!

  11. that's cool .. they were married on my birth date ... hope they have a great marriage!! enjoy your weekend!! ( ;

  12. Love the pretty grasses and gardens. You do such a good job of showing off the area. :-)

  13. @Iris: so do I.

    @Angie: I know I can't garden like this.

    @Fun60: so did I.

    @Noke: thank you.

    @Italiafinlandia: definitely.

    @David: it certainly is.

    @Gattina: I like both.

    @Nancy: that it is.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Tom: I think so too.

    @Grace: thank you.

    @Janis: it does.

    @Marie: that doesn't surprise me.

    @Beth: thanks!

    @DJan: thank you.

  14. Hello, a wonderful garden and walk. I love those sculptures. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend!

  15. I like the whole concept of this garden!

  16. Wonderful garden walk ~ favorites are the sculptures ~ ^_^

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  17. Nice photos. The building style is charming.

  18. The mammoth always get my imagination going. What would it have been like to run into one or several ? what would they sound like?

  19. Good shots of the garden, which I remember you posting the winter scenes. I liked that Mammoths sculptures are right there in downtown Ottawa, and particularly seeing a person near them for scale (are they supposed to be life sized?)

  20. The sculpture of a stylized iceberg is very creative!

  21. Sure is a great place to walk and learn!

  22. A beautiful garden to walk and explore. The sculptures are very nice to see.

  23. That's quite a stroll. Lovely garden and the elephants were a surprise. Tweeted.

  24. @Eileen: thanks!

    @RedPat: so do I.

    @Carol: it's a good spot for a stroll.

    @Maywyn: I love that building architecture.

    @Red: they'd have been formidable.

    @Barbara: yes, they're life sized.

    @Sharon: it is, yes.

    @Happyone: definitely.

    @Bill: that they are.

    @Mari: thank you.

  25. I like the grasses with the building in the bg.

  26. Que bonito....
    Buen comienzo del mes de agosto

  27. I did enjoy my walk through the garden ...that elephant sculpture is rather good.

    All the best Jan

  28. This is very impressive; a lovely facility.

  29. Quite a contrast to those barren winter views I remember seeing!

  30. Looks fascinating, I like the mammoth family:)

  31. I'm surprised I don't see more grassland photos. I find them mesmerizing and I know I would especially love that part of the garden.

  32. @Cloudia: a pleasure doing so.

    @Anvilcloud: me too.

    @Trini: thank you.

    @Jan: they're quite a set.

    @Joanne: very much so.

    @Kay: it definitely is.

    @Rosie: I do as well.

    @Jeanie: it's fascinating.