Thursday, August 22, 2019

Guelph Views

There's a wetland area between the retirement complex where my father lives and a small shopping plaza to the west. Here it is one morning when I was visiting.

And here it was later that afternoon.

There is a wooden covered pedestrian bridge downtown in Guelph, crossing the Speed River just upstream of its confluence with the Eramosa River. My brother, who lives in the area, picked me up and took me around to a few places.

Here we have views from within. This looks upstream.

And this looks downstream as the Eramosa joins the Speed.

Here we have a view from the far end.

I went upstream a bit to take shots from another perspective.

We had lunch here. It was good.

These two shots are actually the last ones I took in Guelph, heading for Toronto on a GO train on the morning I left. There is a war memorial near the station.

Across the tracks lies the Guelph Armoury, dating to 1908 and built in the Gothic Revival style. It is still used today, housing military cadet units. It can also be seen in the background of the above shot.


  1. I like the wetland and the bridge. Isn´t it always fun to catch up with your brother? I did yesterday, it was wonderful.

  2. That part of Guelph is very attractive.

  3. A nice place to visit and wonderful to catch up with your father. I like the view from the bridge.

  4. An attractive area, I like that bride !

  5. The area where your father lives looks to be a pleasing location.

  6. I like those covered bridges, reminds me of the movie "Bridges of Madison county"!

  7. The covered bridge is a nice addition.

  8. What a peaceful place to walk. Does your dad get out to walk with you?


  9. ...the covered bridge alone is worth the visit!

  10. The bridge looks like it leads to a secret world.

  11. now that is a great view, i love the covered bridge ... we search those out here in the states. what fun. i bet there are all sorts of critters who make noise during the evening hours - calming and peaceful. so awesome. ( ;

  12. @Catarina: I had never been to that bridge before.

    @Gattina: that it is.

    @Iris: I enjoyed the time together.

    @David: that it is.

    @Nancy: so did I.

    @Karl: thank you.

    @Rosemary: it is.

    @Marianne: I can see that.

    @Anvilcloud: it is indeed.

    @Janis: he tends to confine his walking to indoors, but still walks a lot each day.

    @Tom: I found it impressive.

    @Maywyn: most definitely.

    @Sandi: in this case, there's a lawn bowling club on one side, so not quite a secret world!

    @Beth: there's not that many covered bridges here.

  13. Covered bridges are really cool. I haven't seen any in person for awhile, so I enjoyed this one. :-)

  14. The covered bridge is really lovely, I will have to visit it.

  15. I didn't know there was a covered bridge there! Very cool!

  16. That's a well designed covered bridge...functional and beautiful too!

  17. Covered pedestrian walking bridge would be cool. You got some good photos from the bridge.

  18. I love that covered bridge. There are not many of those left standing.

  19. The bridge is very nice and I also like that Gothic building.

  20. @DJan: this is a good one.

    @Shammickite: you should.

    @RedPat: it is, yes.

    @Barbara: quite so.

    @Red: thank you!

    @Sharon: true.

    @Sami: I do too.

  21. It must be quite something to be a military cadet in a building that looks so much like a castle!

  22. Beautiful covered pedestrian bridge.

  23. I went to Google Maps and found more photos of that lovely bridge. I love the bridges made to look old.

  24. @John: it would be.

    @Bill: that it is.

    @Catalyst: it's a good one.

    @Marie: that it is.

    @Stefan: definitely.

  25. That is a mighty long covered bridge!

  26. Glad you're enjoying your visit to Guelph. The Shakespeare Arms always did serve great food (and beer)!

  27. Quite the bridge and creative photography ^_^

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  28. Beautiful views William and how nice to catch up with your Dad and brother ✨

  29. such sweet river scenes, Wiliam

  30. @Joanne: it's a good sized one.

    @Janey: I do too.

    @FG: I enjoyed the meal.

    @Kay: that it is.

    @Lady Fi: thanks!

    @Carol: thank you.

    @Grace: it was, yes.

    @Cloudia: thank you!

  31. I really like the covered bridge!

  32. I do love a covered bridge - you don't see many these days and this one seems both long and charming. Lovely views!

  33. Like many others have also commented … that is a beautiful covered bridge.

    All the best Jan

  34. Cool bridge. Interesting structure.