Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Headlines Of The Age

One of the rooms in the Guelph Civic Museum contains Mercury front pages from key moments of history. They include the sinking of the Empress Of Ireland, which I noted a few weeks back from my visit to the Canadian Museum of History.

The end of the Great War was another one.

As was the beginning of another world war.

VE Day is seen here in the edition of the day.

Two different days in American history, two different presidents, two different fates.

And of course 9/11.

This is a publication page printing the Constitution Act when it came into effect.

The development of the University of Guelph is also examined here in the museum.

We started on our way out, pausing above the children's activity area.

I took this shot below.

And I finished with this display on lacrosse, a sport created by First Nations peoples. To close out the month tomorrow and the following day, as well as this series as a whole, we'll go to another destination in Guelph.


  1. ...I wonder how much is ever learned from these headlines.

  2. Interesting items, I like the newspapers headlines.

  3. The Guelph Mercury headlines are a modern timeline. Old newspaper headlines ARE fascinating - as are the adverts and other articles surrounding them.

  4. Many lives were sacrificed in wars. The children's activity area looks interesting.

  5. Ah, the good ol' days of newspapers! I miss them!

  6. That is interesting! I love old newspapers. Have one from wold war 2. But most of all, lacrosse. Is new for me. great to read about it via Wikipedia. Thanks.

  7. i bet the kids are happy with that kid section. neat for them! ( ;

  8. Hello,
    It is neat seeing these headlines and the old newspapers. Nice museum and exhibit. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend ahead!

  9. @Tom: indeed.

    @Marianne: I did too.

    @Mike: that's quite true.

    @Nancy: it looked engaging for kids.

    @Jennifer: I still read them in print.

    @Aritha: you're welcome.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Beth: definitely!

    @Eileen: thanks!

  10. The old newspaper fronts cover many years of history. Interesting to show it this way.

  11. Those newspapers and their headlines are fascinating. Thanks for sharing them. :-)

  12. I had forgotten about the Mercury. It was disappointing after being used to big city newspapers up until then, such as the Montreal Gazette and the Toronto Star. It probably would not disappoint me now.

  13. I go with Tom.
    Aren´t we "on the way" again?

  14. Guelph has always been well known across Canada. You show some quality items like it's newspaper that helped make Guelph well known.

  15. I have a few significant newspapers but they have been badly damaged with dampness and not well preserved. It really is a shame. It's nice to see these well cared for in a climate-adjusted environment.

  16. @Marleen: it is.

    @DJan: you're welcome.

    @Anvilcloud: my parents were subscribers when they moved to Guelph.

    @Iris: perhaps.

    @Red: thanks!

    @Jeanie: these being behind glass helps.

  17. I loved seeing those newspapers. I remember several of those days.

  18. My mother kept the newspaper with the Kennedy story in it. It is framed now.

  19. The first pic threw me for a second. When did Ireland have an Empress? OH, it was a ship!

  20. It is not going to be the same in the future when there are no actual physical newspapers to save. Even if you have saved old papers what do you do with them as you age and start downsizing? A question many are starting to ask.

  21. I had never heard of the Empress of Ireland so the headline on her sinking led me to Wikipedia and the news that over 1,000 lives were lost. And this only two years after the Titanic disaster.

  22. I love old newspapers. They're interesting to look at, read and see the ads they had back in the day.

  23. @Sharon: I was only alive for the dawning of the Canadian constitution and 9-11.

    @Marie: something worth holding onto.

    @Sandi: and quite a ship indeed.

    @RedPat: that is true.

    @Catalyst: it was a terrible disaster.

    @Bill: I agree!

  24. History well documented ~ ^_^

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  25. Amazing (and interesting) to see the newspapers headlines.

    All the best Jan

  26. @Carol: thanks!

    @Jan: I agree.

    @Joanne: thanks!

    @Kay: indeed.

    @Italiafinlandia: quite so.