Monday, December 9, 2019

The Churches Of The Capital

Today I'm featuring churches. These first three were photographed in October in the Hintonburg area. St. Albert's is a German speaking Catholic parish.

Here we have Parkdale United Church.

And this is Parkdale Baptist Church.

Out in the Glebe, this is Blessed Sacrament.

Here we have First Baptist Church downtown. I took this after a November snowfall.

St. John The Evangelist Anglican Church is a few blocks away. Their front door is a glass one, so it's possible to get a photograph from outside at night.

Here's the church from across the street. Photographing along this street is a bit of a challenge at the moment- Elgin Street is in the midst of a large infrastructure rehabilitation, and avoiding including fencing is hard to do.

I finish on a more pleasant day down in Little Italy. St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church is the heart of the neighbourhood. 

As you can expect at this time of year, there's a nativity scene outside.


  1. I had to laugh. The Coca Cola truck (single) is coming to town soon here and you show a pic of a church where they speak German (why???).
    Interesting how architecture for the same use differs so much.

  2. I like the different style of architecture of each church ...

  3. An interestingly varied selection of churches. Are any of them open to worshippers and other visitors during the day?

  4. You sure made the rounds today. The rooflines always fascinate me.

    Janis GDP

  5. ...they are all such different styles!

  6. Some of these have a distinctive church look while a couple of them don't.

  7. @Iris: that's true.

    @Ella: I do as well.

    @John: some do have open hours during the week.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Revrunner: saints are out of my experience.

    @Janis: me too.

    @Tom: they are.

    @Sharon: quite true.

  8. These old churches have been well looked after.

  9. Lovely photos. A nativity anywhere is a comforting sight.

  10. Beautiful churches. Parkdale Baptist church has an unique look!

  11. The different styles are fascinating. Tweeted

  12. They are so well kept and look like a Church is supposed to look... those ultra-modern ones I see sometimes are just plain weird (not that I’m an expert, and definitely thinking of my childhood here, but I’m glad these beautiful traditional models are still being used!

  13. What a variety of churches, they're very nice to see.

  14. Such a nice collection of buildings, William!

  15. I do like to visit churches. Love the nativity scene. They were very important to me when I was growing up.

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  17. Many rural churches here are closed and up for sale. Not so those in the cities.

  18. Love seeing the different architectural styles of these churches
    and people can choose where they are comfortable with the choice of
    so many different religions being offered.

  19. @Red: so it seems.

    @Maywyn: thank you.

    @Lois: indeed.

    @Tamago: it does remind me of some mid-20th century churches, though.

    @Mari: thank you.

    @MB: definitely.

    @Sallie: each stand out.

    @Bill: they certainly are.

    @RedPat: thank you.

    @Catarina: thanks!

    @Padre: I am planning on church photos at Christmas.

    @Marie: well, some churches do disappear, or change denominations.

    @Alexandria: thanks!

  20. Lovely churches. And thank you for showing me the nativity scene. It's lovely, too. :-)

  21. Nice to see all the different churches.

  22. Many styles of architecture here William and differences in size ✨

  23. cool with all the Christmas decor. love the Coke truck. that made me smile. ( ;

  24. I do love that last Nativity scene.

  25. It's an era that has come and gone. Thankfully, they are repurposing them.
    There is one for sale on Perth Rd., the manse is connected to the church, with a lovely solarium thingie. I hope someone buys it. I can't find it, so I hope so.

  26. Lovely photos of the unique churches ~

    Happy Moments to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  27. Many different styles, all looked after with love.

  28. Very nice photographs of these Churches.
    I do like that nativity scene in your last photograph.

    All the best Jan

  29. I like the very first little church.