Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Arctic Vista And Atrium Views

A reminder to members of City Daily Photo: the theme for the first day of June is Park.

I have two final shots in the Mammal Gallery, both where I started. First we have a close up of the polar bear and its prey, a seal at an airhole.

Nearby, an Arctic fox is placed.

Coming out, I took pictures inside the central atrium, looking out at the model of the Moon out in the Queens Lantern.

Then I looked down at the central staircase.

The animal motif is carved into the pillars at the base of the stairs.

One more look up. Tomorrow we head into the last of the galleries in the Museum of Nature.


  1. What a beautiful museum! I hope it's (safely) open to you again soon.

  2. Love your architectural shots!

  3. Poor seal, I know it's the way nature is...but still can't help feeling sorry for the hunted.
    Nice museum.

  4. ...the windows and the architectural details grabbed my attention!

  5. @Kay: me too.

    @Linda: thank you.

    @Iris: part of life.

    @Sami: true.

    @Tom: mine too.

  6. Hello, the carved animals are wonderful. Great details. Take care and have a great day!

  7. Those stairs brought back a childhood memory for me. My first school had stairs like that and as a little kid, I loved walking up and down them and pretending I was in some type of ceremony.

  8. I love the carvings on the stairs, William.

  9. Love those shots of the windows and stairs! They give the feeling of space in a world that has been small lately.

  10. The carvings are beautiful.
    It feels wrong in a way to think...if only they were in resin at Walmart.

  11. These are splendid photos, William. Both the interiors and the creatures. The stair carvings are especially well done.

  12. What a wonderful museum. Awesome carvings!

  13. It's a great building with beautiful decorations.

  14. Those staircases are beautiful but at my advanced age all I can say is "Where are the elevators?!!"

  15. @Eileen: thank you!

    @Jennifer: so do I.

    @Sharon: I can see that.

    @RedPat: so do I.

    @Marie: they do.

    @Maywyn: not these!

    @Jeanie: thanks!

    @Bill: I agree.

    @Jan: it is indeed.

    @Catalyst: the elevators in here are actually quite big, as they're the same elevators used if they have to move an exhibit piece.

  16. It will sure be nice when the museums can open again!

  17. Quite the place and exhibit ~

    Be Safe, Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)