Saturday, May 30, 2020

Visiting The Gardens In Spring

It seemed fitting to follow up on my visit to the Museum of Nature with my seasonal look at the Landscapes Of Canada Gardens outside. It was time for a spring look, and I paid a visit earlier in May. The Gardens consist of plants of four distinct ecosystems in Canada: the Mammoth Steppe, the Prairie Grasslands, Arctic Tundra, and Boreal Forest. On this occasion I started with this view of the Museum, with the statues of three mammoths beside the path. Behind them are plants that would have grown during the time they lived on the planet.

One type that did and still does is wild chives, looking fresh and green with spring warmth. It was a late spring, in fact.

Nearby along the path are bricks with the names of donors, often in memory of a loved one.

This view is from the far side of the gardens, with plants growing among the rocks that come from the Arctic Tundra in the foreground. The sculpture of an iceberg crosses the path.

Back on the path, this takes a look at Prairie Grassland. Over the summer, the grasses and flowers in that area will grow long and tall.

Sign posts along the way give information on each ecosystem.

Boreal Forest is the last of the four, with trees, shrubs, and bushes planted here, and even lichen on a tree that's otherwise dead.

This tree is showing signs that it's woken up to spring.

I leave off with this view of the Museum. I hope this place, and the other national and local museums in the national capital, opens its doors to visitors again soon.


  1. ...the signs of spring growth are a wonderful sight.

  2. It's been great to have you share museum visits. Apparently a lot of art museums have opened virtual doors. I haven't tried them yet! Glad to see how spring is affecting the 4 Canadian natural areas.

  3. That photo with the iceberg in it looks very moody. The sky looks threatening making the building look a tiny bit scary. I like it.

  4. The museum building looks great and I like the statues of the mammoths.

  5. This has been an awful spring but nature goes on...

  6. The plants have probably grown a lot since you were there. There really sprouted up this week in the heat!

  7. The iceberg sculpture is pretty impressive with the cloudy sky and the museum in the background.

  8. @Tom: they are.

    @Barbara: spring was late this year.

    @Sharon: it was a moody day.

    @Karl: I do as well.

    @Marie: that's true.

    @RedPat: yes, a bit of heat does the trick.

    @Bill: I agree.

  9. Great photo tour of the outside of the museum ~

    Be Safe, Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Thank you for the spring tour. Sometimes it seems hard to believe anything will open and be normal again...

    1. It's still not quite normal, but a lot different than it was in the spring of 2020.

  11. The museum is a beautiful piece of architecture William, I hope our glass addition looks as good as it does here ✨

  12. Hope everything opens soon. Need to see the gardens in summer bloom too. Great idea.

  13. The museum building is beautiful and I like those bricks.

  14. Interesting. I don't think I've seen a sculpture of an iceberg before.

  15. I love the museum, like a bureaucracy building for knights!