Thursday, May 14, 2020

Variations Within The Mustelids

The animals I showed you in the second part of yesterday's post, as well as in today's post, are mustelids, carnivores found on every continent aside from Antarctica and Australia. Here we have the American mink and the American marten, both residents of Canada.

Together here are the sea and river otters, members of the family.

Here we have the American badger.

And the formidable wolverine.


  1. ..Mustelids, a term that I had to look up, thanks for increasing my vocabulary.

  2. Hello, wonderful exhibit. I love the otters.. Wishing you a happy day!

  3. Some aquariums I've visited (and zoos) have displays of river otters...complete with underwater viewing for us otter-lovers. They are so playful it makes me think of children.

  4. That is quite a family of creatures. I never thought of them as being so closely related to each other.

  5. I've only seen one martin in my life. I'm sure we walk by them many times without seeing them.

  6. We have a few of that extensive family of animals here - badger, stoat, weasel, pine marten, otter. Although we do have otters that live in the sea they are actually river otters that have moved habitat.

  7. River otters are fun to watch in videos.
    There is a waterway here in Vermont called Otter Creek. I've yet to see one there or anywhere nearby.

  8. @Jan: that they are.

    @Tom: you're welcome.

    @Eileen: thank you!

    @Barbara: I've seen them at play.

    @RedPat: and yet they are.

    @Red: that's true, especially at night.

    @John: the otters I've seen are all river otters.

    @Maywyn: I've seen them in Algonquin Park.

    @Bill: they are, yes.

  9. I know so little of wolverines and badgers; it's as if they were never native to Ohio.

  10. Interesting group of animals. The only ones I'm somewhat familiar with are otters.

  11. Isn't it funny that there's an Australian 'Wolverine' and we don't have wolverines in Australia 😉

  12. Like Tom, I too hadn't come across the term Mustelids.

    All the best Jan