Sunday, May 3, 2020

The Blue Whale

The heart of the Water Gallery is the skeleton of a blue whale, the largest animal on the planet. As big as it is, this isn't as big as the species gets.

This model of an ungainly looking fish can be seen in the display case at the bottom of the above shot.

Another display case features seabirds, who spend some of their time on the water.

For today I leave off with this.


  1. Good morning William, such interesting images of the Blue Whale, the other fish (which reminds me of a Toby that we get here in South Africa) and the birds. I trust you are keeping safe. Jo

  2. That is what replaced the dinosaur at the Natural History museum in London

  3. Impressive !
    Have a nice Sunday, William !

  4. The skeleton of the Blue Whale sort if outs everything else into perspective,

  5. ...the diversity of nature is amazing.

  6. Hello, great exhibit, I have always been fascinated by the whales. I love seeing the seabirds too.
    Happy Sunday, have a great new week ahead.

  7. The size of the blue whale isn't easy to grasp a living creature can be that huge.

  8. Oh my goodness...I never knew whales had that structure under their blubber!

  9. The whale is amazing, William.

  10. I would love to see a blue whale. I've seen belugas and they are impressive enough.

  11. Gosh the blue whale skeleton is an impressive sight William, good thing it's a sea creature, it would be hard to drag that size around on land 😡

  12. Quite a task to do that skeleton!

  13. The blue whale skeleton is quite impressive.

  14. @Jo: thank you.

    @Bill: it is an impressive addition to this museum.

    @Tom: it certainly is.

    @Eileen: thank you.

    @Maywyn: it really does.

    @Barbara: I didn't photograph it this time, but there's a cutaway model close by that shows how much blubber is on a blue whale.

    @RedPat: it is.

    @Red: I have not seen any whale, outside captivity. As for the captive ones, I will never go to a place like Marineland again.

    @Jeanie: very much so.

    @Marleen: definitely.

    @Grace: the buoyancy of water is everything.

    @Marie: it really is, and a long process.

    @Bill: very much so.

  15. Apparently Ahab was after the wrong species! ;^/

  16. Amazing whale exhibit and photos of other ocean life ~

    Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  17. There are some very strange creatures in the sea.

  18. The whale is amazing …

    All the best Jan

  19. @Catalyst: indeed.

    @Carol: thank you.

    @Linda: there are.

    @Jan: it is, yes.

    @Jenn: I agree.