Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Calm Waters

A note today that my partner in crime and good friend Norma has an interview with me at Blogger and Wordpress. Check it out; you'll get a laugh.

Central Park in the Glebe is a ribbon of parkland that stretches across a good part of the neighbourhood. I showed you another portion of it here. East of that part of the park, we have the end of Patterson Creek taken a few days ago. The creek is an inlet linked to the Rideau Canal, and the water levels here are still at a low point. A couple of ducks have this stretch of water to themselves at present.


  1. This area looks very pleasant and serene. I'm not surprised the ducks are enjoying it.

  2. The Glebe is the best neighborhood in Ottawa? is that with the Fairmont Chateau Laurier ... and others...


  3. Que parque lindo!
    Felizes dos patinhos quem têm toda essa beleza para desfrutar
    Um abraço

  4. beau reflet de l'arbre pour accompagner les canards

  5. I read your interview and see your are a famous person, writing a book and a criticaster as well. The local politics you write about is to difficult for me to follow, but it is always good someone has his eyes open and has a critical sound spoken about the world around.

  6. The purple, alone, brings calmness! Beautiful!


  7. i like the shadows of the tree limbs on the water...i'll have to check out your interview a little later!

  8. Nice shot of the ducks in the calm water, seems to be a nice neighbourhood to live in.
    Reading the interview you seem to be quite famous and active in writing. In my younger years I liked writing and reading al lot, but since I have MS, reading is awfully exhausting for me. So I'll keep watching your photos rather than reading your other blog.

  9. Reading your interview I have learned some things about you that I wouldn't have imagined...

  10. Good job, William. I love to look at water and reflections when there is no movement.

  11. A very pretty shot! I'll go check out your interview now...

  12. A nice and calm place, not only for ducks.
    Still some snow ? :)

  13. Having a "ribbon of parkland is a good idea as it links various patches.

  14. @Kay: it's a very sheltered spot for them.

    @Tomas: it's quite a trendy sort of neighbourhood, and has become gentrified. The area is actually south of the downtown core. Places like the Chateau Laurier are in the core.

    @Gracita: thanks!

    @Olivier: merci!

    @Marianne: I'd be lost trying to understand Dutch politics too. Well, I'm not sure I'd call myself famous, but both these blogs do get a lot of traffic.

    @Revrunner: they no doubt know this spot quite well.

    @Janis: it does seem to have a purple hue to it.

    @Tanya: the shadows did come out nicely.

    @Jan: it is a very pleasant neighbourhood.

    @VP: thanks!

    @Tex: quite a contrast to the weather today.

    @Linda: this spot tends to be rather peaceful this time of year. The water levels are still low enough that wind doesn't really chop up the water.

    @Aimee: thanks!

    @Karl: yes, just a little bit. If it's still there today, I'd be surprised, but a corner like that which is out of the sun most of the day, snow can stay longer.

    @Red: I suspect there was a natural creek that ran through this land before they build the Canal. The Canal changed a lot, and the creek was gone, replaced about halfway up its length by this artificial one, but the topography remains the same.

  15. How nice for the ducks to have their own private space.

  16. Pretty spot and "LOOK" no ice on the pond.
    Read the interview---very nice.

  17. I am feeling serene looking at that water. Nice scene.

  18. I would have thought the water levels would have been higher after the winter snow/rain William?
    P.s. enjoyed your interview with Norma :)

  19. Looking at this kind or reminds me of the pond here in Montreal at Beaver Lake. However, they have been doing some kind of renovation up there, so I heard, so I haven't been there in a couple of years.

  20. So beautiful and blue the pond . Thanks for the read also.

  21. It appears to be warming up there and I can see signs of green - signs of spring. It's certainly a beautiful waterway and area!

  22. Beautiful reflection of the blue sky.

  23. Finally--no snow!

    This reminds me of the park near our home when Collin was a little boy. We used to take him to the park just about every day. We'd walk, play, and feed the ducks.

  24. @EG: they seem to enjoy it.

    @MB: winter has taken its time leaving this year. We'll see if it's really done.

    @Halcyon: it was very pleasant weather that day.

    @Grace: the water flow is more controlled here- there is some snow melt from the winter, but it has an outlet, and the main flow of the river the Canal is linked to is held back still.

    @Linda: this one's a nice spot to come and relax.

    @Carolann: you're welcome!

    @Lowell: yes, the grass is slowly turning green now.

    @Marleen: thanks!

    @Norma: that's a good memory to have!

  25. @RedPat: just a tiny bit!

    @Cheryl: very much so.

    @Gill: hints of some green, but not much.

    @Jennifer: it's a nice place to wander.

    @Mari: thanks!

  26. I hope that your weather warms up soon so you can enjoy this area.

  27. What? No ducks yet?
    btw WHAT a game last night! Now can the Sens steal a game? Coming back home at 3-2 is do-able.

  28. It was fun reading your interview.

  29. Nice shadows and reflections on the water. The ducks are pretty neat too!

  30. Lovely picture, Sir Wills. Peaceful-looking.

  31. @Randy: thanks!

    @Kate: thank you.

    @Krisztina: thanks!

    @Birdman: no ducks!

    @Jack: thank you.

    @Helen: thanks.

    @Shelly: thank you.