Friday, April 3, 2015

Standing At The Presbyterian Pulpit On Good Friday

This can be found in St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in the heart of the city. The woodworking and carvings on this pulpit area in the sanctuary are exquisitely done. I thought it appropriate for Good Friday.


  1. You're right! It's very fine work!

  2. Beautifully carved William, nice touch for today.

  3. Beautiful work, very appropriate for today, William !

  4. Such exquisite attention to detail. I just wonder about the style. It seems reminiscent of a temple of middle eastern design.

  5. Wow, the carvings are really amazing! Beautiful!
    I wish you a happy Easter!!

  6. Beautiful! Here in Montreal we have a St. Andrew's and St. Paul Presbyterian Church that is located in the heart of downtown.

  7. Many churches' interiors are works of art!

  8. Some of the designs look like the Isle Of Man 'legs'.
    Jane x

  9. Beautiful, William. Have a blessed Easter weekend.

  10. They are beautifully carved! Lightning did not strike when you were in there??!!

  11. Some of the old churches are truly magnificent when it comes to the details. Hard to find that in contemporary church buildings.

  12. Ornate, fancy, almost exotic!

  13. You're right, it's beautiful and appropriate!

  14. Wow! It looks as if they've spared no detail...or expense!

  15. A photo of this nice carving work at a pulpit is indeed a good choice for today.

  16. Yes nice shot for today William, fantastic carving...

  17. @Linda: the carpenters who did it worked wonderfully.

    @Cloudia: so do I.

    @Grace: I liked the look of it.

    @Karl: it seemed appropriate to go on a church theme for the Easter weekend.

    @Gemma: I'll have to ask the next time I go in.

    @Marianne: it's a church with a whole lot of history, particularly for the Dutch Royal Family, who worshipped here when Beatrix lived here during the War.

    @Tamago: thank you!

    @Linda: there do tend to be a lot of St. Andrew's in the Presbyterian church, and occasionally a St. Paul's. And every once in awhile names get joined.

    @Kate: this one certainly is.

    @Jane and Chris: I'll have to look that up.

    @Tex: it was great craftsmanship.

    @Linda: thank you!

    @Jennifer: apparently not, I'm still here.

    @Gill: thanks!

  18. @Jose: that kind of work is beyond my skills.

    @Lowell: I do prefer the more traditional architecture of older churches.

    @Judy: I certainly think so.

    @Audrey: c'etait tres belle!

    @VP: the carpenters were artists.

    @Red: it's a real stand out.

    @Marleen: definitely.

    @RedPat: I think so.

    @Ciel: it is a work of art.

    @Kay: I can imagine the cost of it.

    @Jan: I definitely did want this sort of thing over the weekend. My Easter Monday shot is something a bit less conventional.

    @Geoff: the detail that went into it is amazing.

    @Randy: thanks!

  19. I always enjoy the beautiful carvings inside old churches.

  20. Wonder how they got the lovely idea to employ Moroccan arches? So beautiful.

  21. The carvings are wonderful! Awe inspiring.

  22. The artwork and craftsmanship in churches is so often exceptional, isn't it?

  23. @Cheryl: definitely.

    @Denise: me too.

    @Eve: who knows?

    @EG: indeed.

    @Mari: I think so.

    @Jack: it really is.

    @Whisk: indeed.